2016 according to Peps!

Finally, the year of 2016 has passed. A lot of new music. A lot of deaths. A lot of fuck-ups!

Before I present my best albums of the year I would like to take a moment to remember all the great musicians that passed away this year. The year of 2016 was a really shitty year! A lot of great heroes passed away, starting with David Bowie, a true legend and I will miss him always. So, before we do the list of what is what this year, this is a song to everybody that makes a difference and think of Brexit, Syria and fucking Donald Trump! Remember the true heroes!:

Well then… here’s my list of the best albums of 2016 (in no particular order):

Evergrey – The Storm Within:
I wanted to say that they are back, but that’s not the case. They never left! They’ve been back for a while now, and once again they deliver a magical album. Progressive heavy metal at its best with an amazing voice! Awesome!
(This one is so fucking damn awesome!!!)

Abbath – Abbath:
When Immortal and Dimmu Borgir fails to deliver, Abbath comes as a defender to black magic! Shredding guitars, darkness… As dark as it comes! And with a fucking headbang! The most heavy album for me this year!

The Vision Bleak – The Unknown:
The intro of the album sets the status! God damn, that’s awesome goth-metal! They found the perfect mix of Sister of Mercy, My Dying Bride and Moonspell! I Shit you not, this album is a killer!!
My review here

Testament – Brotherhood of the snake:
Did you like the new Metallica album? Well, FUCK YOU! This is old-school Bay Area, and it’s all that you don’t hear with Metallica! ┬áThis is a headbanger-thrashing-album and I love it!!

Royal Republic – Weekend man:
A rocking, dancing album with the music from Chris Isaak, Oasis, The Hives and Danko Jones in a party mood! Pure rock and stomping feet album! You WILL love it!!

Dark Tranquillity – Atoma:
Getting chills of this album. Chills of Damage Done and Fiction! The band that stay true to the Gothenburg-sound! Fuck fucking In Flames, Dark Tranquillity is still number one! Amazing album! Dark, melodic – death!

Nordic Union – ┬áNordic Union:
The combo of Swedens best in melodic metal, and the best voice in Denmark (and the knight of hard rock in Denmark), well…. It turned out to be the best hard rock album of 2016. Melodic and heavy, with an amazing voice. Pure hard rock! Not to usual today.

Amon Amarth – Jomsviking:
First I was disappointed, but the album grew stronger and stronger. It’s a really great heavy metal album, but not a death-
metal album unfortunately. But if every heavy metal album sounded like this the genre would blossom!

Darkher – Realms:
Dark, mystic, magical. Dreams. AMAZING! So weird, so metal. So WOW! It’s not possible to describe the music of Darkher, you just have to listen!
My review here!

In Mourning – Afterglow:
Some say Opeth, some say… Opeth. Yes, I get the vibes. But this is something else! And it’s so damn outstanding! I guess this album will be a classic progressive death album in a couple of years! You really should take this into your arms! Amazing!

Check out my interview with the band, and my review of the album!

So this is my favorite albums of 2016. What do you think? What’s your best albums? Can you beat me?

\m/ Peps


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