A Few Releases From November To Check Out And Crannk Up -Part 1

Dismal-“Quinta Essentia” 6th Album from the Italian Dark Gothic Masters DISMAL, celebrating 25th years of Activity. “Quinta Essentia” is another Masterpiece of Classical symphonic music mixed with doom metal, darkwave, neofolk, waltz, and… tango! “Quinta Essentia” is the new gothic musical fairy tale of DISMAL – The Waltz Of Mind artistic project.

Bandcamp https://dismaldark.bandcamp.com/album/quinta-essentia

EcclesiaDe Ecclesiæ Universalis Debut album from the Holy metal of doom inquisitors Ecclesia from France.   De Ecclesiæ Universalis” is influenced by late 80′ Heavy/Doom scene of bands like Candlemass, Cathedral or Solitude Aeternus…  Ecclesia is on crusade against every Doom heretic!


Overt Enemy-“Inception x Possession” November 13th 2020 thrash masters Overt Enemy released both a vinyl and expanded edition of their critically acclaimed releases “Inception” and “Possession”.
The vinyl release will contain all 8 tracks from both EP’s as one record while the digital and CD versions will contain additional instrumental and bonus tracks never before released.

The band commented “We are extremely excited to finally release both of our EP’s as one full length Vinyl LP. Fans have been asking for a record since we put out our first song and we hope everyone enjoys the extra bonus instrumental & demo tracks. A lot of metal love went into this release & Joshua Lopez did an outstanding job remastering all the songs including the demos. We’ll see you on the road in 2021 with a new album. Ya’ll stay safe out there!” – Overt Enemy

Bandcamp https://overtenemy.bandcamp.com/

Gaia Guarda-“Anatomy of Fear

Montreal pianist, harpist, and singer Gaia Guarda  released her first album Anatomy of Fear on November 6th, 2020.  Joined by drummer Rocky Gray(ex-Evanescence) and her Uriel bandmates Jessica Ricard on cello and violinist Ariane Paquette on violin, this work of neoclassical darkwave is an entrancing and auspicious debut.

Guarda, a classically-trained musician, said of the album, ” I’ve been playing in metal bands for the last nine years and I decided to go outside that genre with my solo project.  I’m influenced by a lot of classical music and electronic music, so that’s the main influence in my music.  I learned how to play the harp by myself and decided to add it on this album; some songs were composed while I was learning to play it.”

Recorded at Studio PM and Monolithic ProductionsAnatomy of Fearcame to fruition following a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  Fellow harpist Lindsay Schoolcraft(ex-Cradle of Filth) collaborated with Guarda on the song “I Didn’t Break,” a special bonus perk that was sent out to supporters.

Bandcamp https://gaiaguarda.bandcamp.com/releases


Novarupta-“Marine Snow”

Formed in 2018 from the pyres of time spent in Swedish post-metal outfit The Moth Gatherer, Alex Stjernfeldt’s Novarupta has gone on to envelop almost every corner of Sweden’s underground rock and metal community.

Heralding a journey of musical catharsis, Marine Snow effortlessly takes the torch from his acclaimed debut, Disillusioned Fire (2018); an album highlighted by Invisible Oranges as an, “especially brilliant example of metal’s ability to transform despair and destruction into beautiful new creations.” Rolling from a passage of fire onto the ocean floor below, Marine Snow immerses listeners in a sea of blackened sludge, progressive metal and monochromatic psychedelia.

Marine Snow pressurises the senses with bottomless riffs and sublime vocals from former Josh Graham (Red Sparowes/A Storm of Light), Lea Amling (Besvärjelsen), Robert Lamu (Skraeckoedlan), Mike Paparo (Inter Arma), Arvid Hällagård (Greenleaf) and Martin Persner (Ghost/Magna Carta Cartel).

Bandcamp https://suiciderecordsswe.bandcamp.com/album/marine-snow

Ett Dödens Maskineri-“Det Svenska Hatet

There’s no question that 2020 has been a year to forget. Rampant discrimination, racism, polarisation, global poverty, infectious disease, historical revisionism and deepening socio-economic divisions. When it comes to hatred, there are few rocks left unturned.

Hailing from the city of Falun in Sweden, Ett Dödens Maskineri is a band looking to change what it can by taking those responsible to task. Drawing influence from the crust/death metal of cult Swedish acts Skitsystem, Disfear and Totalitär, along with the discordant anarchy of punk rock bands such as Asta Kask and Strebers, the band are set to release their debut album this November on Gothenburg’s Suicide Records.

As a follow-up to last year’s searing Sveriges Humanitära Ruiner EP, new album Det Svenska Hatet – translated; “The Swedish Hatred” – is the quartet’s sonic offering for the creation of a more empathetic and inclusive society. If anger truly is an energy then Ett Dödens Maskineri’s music is an aural dystopia imbued with over thirty years of rage, sorrow, and rectification.

Bandcamp https://suiciderecordsswe.bandcamp.com/album/det-svenska-hatet

Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons‘We’re The Bastards’ via Nuclear Blast on 13th November

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS had to cancel a lot of carefully-laid plans when the global pandemic descended on us all. But as if to confirm their absolute dedication to blowing people’s heads off with thunderous rock’n’roll, the band refused to cancel plans to record a follow-up to their widely lauded debut. Recorded and engineered during lockdown by guitarist Todd Campbell, the second BASTARD SONS album may be just the tonic people need right now. It’s called We’re The Bastards and it’s bigger, better and even more raucously uplifting than its predecessor. In fact, it’s the sound of a great band hitting their stride and buzzing with confidence.


In Malices Wake-“The Blindness of Faith

In Malice’s Wake have established themselves as the dominant thrash/death metal force for well over a decade in Australia.  Each full-length release has pushed further into darker and heavier territory. The combined trademark riffing style, intense speed, blasts/tremolo picking, and haunting melodies are integral to the recognisable sound of In Malice’s Wake. More importantly, it is the memorable songwriting and originality that the band has become truly renowned for. Each track speaks its own story and stays with the listener long after the album has ceased to play.  In the current intensely populated marketplace – great songs is the only currency of value.


The Blindness of Faith is out now and available via CD digipak and digital stream. An extensive range of merch bundles including a large range of new apparel are available now via:



SHACKLES’ – ‘Hatred’s Reservoir

Byron Bay’s brutal hardcore outfit SHACKLES’ album ‘Hatred’s Reservoir‘ released earlier in the month through iconic label Resist Records (Parkway Drive, Polaris) at https://orcd.co/hatredsreservoir!
Promo cover art

Deathless Dogs-” Five Across the Eyes

The Deathless Dogs are an energetic, whiskey-fueled, blues rock duo from La Crosse, WI. The band was founded in 2010 when guitarist/vocalist Eddy Krogman started sharing song ideas based on his experiences in the Iraq War with childhood friend and drummer Dan Speer. This has turned into three self-released albums, with a fourth release scheduled for November 2020. A project that rose from the struggle of war, The Deathless Dogs seek to bring their unique brand of blues rock to festival stages across America’s heartland.

Channeling The Rolling Stones and Heartless Bastards by way of Queens of the Stone Age and Clutch, The Deathless Dogs’ sound makes for hard driving rock and roll with depth. They’ve brought their blend of memorable hooks, relatable lyrics, and passionate performances to audiences across the upper Midwest. Highlights include repeat performances at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, and Big Turn Music Fest in both 2018 and 2019. The Deathless Dogs are living proof that hard work, great music, and heartfelt live performances can pay off, even in 2020’s dismal musical landscape.


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