A quick follow-up with Guardians of Time!

So I’ve started with the “The sounds of interviews” to be able to illustrate the bands I’ve managed to interview. And when I did the playlist for Guardians of Time, I realized that had some extra questions that needed answers… Said and done, I sent the questions to Paul from Guardians of Time!

Paul (stolen from guardiansoftime.no)

Paul (stolen from guardiansoftime.no)

So, here is the questions:

Finally I started to listen to your earlier albums… Your first album, Edge of Tomorrow is bloody fantastic! Just my kind of music! I get a lot of Hammerfall-vibes out that one, songs and music. Were you influenced by Hammerfall at that time (also, I find some Helloween and Gamma Ray of course).

“Hammerfall has never been a big source of inspiration for us, but of course, we have been listening to the band. Helloween and Gamma Ray is definitive a source of inspiration. As well as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.”

While I sit and listen to your music, I realize that it’s not a simple kind of power metal. I found a lot of “hit-songs”, but damn it, you really have to listen to the music to be able to understand it. And I think that it’s great, otherwise one just gets tired to the music. My question is, how do you get to be such good musicians? I mean, the music on your first album is really advanced!

“Well, we practiced a lot during the years, that’s the only way to be good at something. 🙂 We’ve always worked a lot with the songs, even so on the first album. We pick them out from each other and then try to put them together in 10 different ways, until we’re satisfied.

Yeah, there’s a lot going on in our music, so that’s why its’s a challenge to not just play it, but also listening to it. It’s like you are saying, the music that’s easy to get into, you often get bored to it very quickly.”

How old are you guys really? 🙂

“Old enough!” 🙂

I just did an interview with Forde Hovd, and his metal opera; Aldaria, and I saw that Bernt has been a part of that project. How do you know each other?

“Well, we don’t really. As far as I know, Bernt only have had contact through the internet.”

So, you don’t have any inside information about the project, how it sounds? If it’s gonna be any good?

“No, sorry, I don’t have anything! I know as much as you do on that project! But, in my opinion, Bernt is one of the most bad-ass metal singers on this planet, so I’m guessing it’s gonna be good!” 🙂

The last time we were in contact you said that you were planning a new album. How’s that going? Have you started? What could we expect?

“Well, the writing has been kind of slow, because we’re using a lot of time to find a new guitar-player since Andreas left the band. But the things we’ve written so for is at least as intence and heavy metal as “Rage and Fire”. Live to see!”

And one final question… I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan, that’s my whole childhood… So I have learned, that ALL of the really cool bands have a song that is, at least almost the same, as the band name. For example, Iron Maiden has the song “Iron Maiden”. Iced Earth have the song “Iced Earth”. Queensryche has “Queen of the ryche” and so on… And you have the song Guardians of time. Was it a coincidence, or did you realize that all of the great and almighty bands have a song that deals with the band-name?

“I don’t really remember since we wrote the song for about 15 years ago. But it’s not impossible that we had that in mind…. ” 😎

Thank you Paul, I’m very greatful that you’re taking time to answer my questions. Looking forward to hear more from Guardians of Time! Have a great time boys and hopefully well talk later. Here’s my playlist on Spotify, with the best from the band!

p.s Here is the first interview I did with Paul: http://www.crannk.com/2015/interview-with-guardians-of-time-2/

\m/ Peps



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