Album review: American Grim – Freakshow

A couple of years ago, I did a ”reboot” on Facebook and started fresh from racists and shit. And one day, when I had like 15 friends on Facebook in my new account I got a friend-request from this dude named Brendan Healy…

I had no idea who this person was, but apparently he was involved in a band called American Grim, and after some real good googling I realize that he is the drummer of the band! Today we had a chat on Messenger and it turns out that right now they are out on a tour.

The band consists of Ryan Grim on vocals, Mike Morello on guitar and vocals, and Tres Sins (Brendan) on the drums.

On the website ( I learn that American Grim is ”The industrial overtones of Marilyn Manson…the frenetic intensity of Rob Zombie…the swagger of Faith No More…the raw punk edge of The Ramones…the sleaze rock vocal style of Faster Pussycat’s Taime Downe. Who the hell would ever think to create a rock and roll stew with all of these ingredients? American Grim…that’s who! “Idols” may not easily fit into some subgenre, but who cares? The bottom line is that this song rocks.”

I agree with the most parts of that description, although I have some troubles to find Ramones. But I find old-fashioned sleaze metal with strong elements of industry. And I also find some elements of Linkin Park, mostly due to some rap-kind-of singing. But American Grim is a whole lot tougher, harder and more sleeze. Almost like Murder Dolls. And even a whole lot like our Swedish band Billion Dollar Babies.

I really like this album! It’s hard, it’s filthy, sleezy and really catching! It feels like a band that has a great future coming! But I could use a couple of more songs with it’s own identity and catchy chorus for a sing-a-long!

But overall, a really great first album!

Favourite songs: Concrete Jungle” is an amazing head-banging song! ”Freakshow” is also a great song. ”Idols” also brings my head-banging neck some issues!

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\m/ Peps

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