Album review and interview with Artemis Blade

Artemis Blade are a 6 piece melodic death metal band from NSW, Australia who are set on musical domination and deliver with As Above ….So Below.

This album from Artemis Blade came out yesterday and went to number 5 on the iTunes metal charts for Australia.This album has some amazing and beautiful melodies musically and vocally then like all good melodic death hits you with absolute ball tearing and crushing riffs , guitars, drum beat and vocals. CJ McMahon vocalist from Thy Art Is Murder lays down some brutality on Forsaken Light.

This is an amazingly great album and would suit fans of the Swedish Melodic death Metal scene or anyone that loves great metal, do yourself a favour get your hands on Artemis Blade As Above…So Below and CRANNK the hell out of it, and check out the Interview after watching these two tracks from Artemis Blade first The Fall then the track Forsaken Light.

Artemis Blade Interview

Jai: Who are Artemis Blade and how did the band get together?

Artemis Blade: We’re a 6 piece metal band from Western Sydney. We’ve all grown up around the Hawkesbury region, with friends in the same circles that brought us together one way or another.

Jai: How would you describe the sound of Artemis Blade? and what are some of the musical influences for Artemis Blade?

Artemis Blade:We’d describe our sound as a kind of melodic death metal, but it’s a melting pot of ideas that lends music style from different genres of metal.
Some of our musical influences are Pantera, At the Gates, Megadeth, Soilwork, Metallica, and Dimmu Borgir to name a few.

Jai: What was it like making this album ?where did you record and did you get anyone in for the production side of things?

Artemis Blade: It was great fun! We recorded at Dragons Den Music Studios in Penrith NSW. Great place to record! It took us about a year and a half to fully record the album from whoa to go. It was hard work but totally worth it! A very good mate of ours and extremely talented sound engineer and recording wizard Adric Spearpoint, recorded and produced the album. The album was mastered by Matt Grey Mastering. Big shout out to all these guys. Couldn’t have done it without them.

Jai:The Fall film clip whereabouts did you make that what was it like making that one?

Artemis Blade: The Fall was filmed in several locations – Snowy mountains in NSW and Victoria, and band HQ in Western Sydney.
It was bloody cold filming in the Snowy Mountains, but an awesome road trip, and we almost cooked our drummer in front of the bonfire for the band shoot for the video. We had a blast!

Jai: The Forsaken Light is a killer track and with guest vocals from CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder how did you get him involved and what was that like?

Artemis Blade: It was awesome! CJ was more than willing to help out a band from his hometown. CJ was really easy to work with and highly professional. We’d love to do it again. Top bloke!!

Jai: What’s the plan after release of As Above….So Below Are you guys going to do a tour?And do you plan on trying to get over to Europe we have so many great Aussie Metal bands like yourselves that seem to do really well with the European Crowds?

Artemis Blade: Well the plans for after the album are already under way. We’re working on new material as we speak.
As for touring we’re finalising Australian tour arrangements with Dirthouse Agency. Dates to be announced soon. We can’t wait!
We’d love to tour Europe!! The crowds over there go off and the fans really get into their metal, and it would be an awesome experience to get out there and party with some of the European bands. Hit us up!! Haha! \m/

Artemis Blade are

Lead vocals: Will Hert

Bass and Vocals:Andy Evan

Drums:Darren Booker

Lead Guitars: Mitch seymour

Rhythm Guitars: Bryn Ragen

Rhythm Guitars: Will Booker

Artemis Blade Bandcamp

Artemis Blade Facebook


\m/ Jai Anderson CRANNK \m/


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