Album review: Pontus Snibb’s Wreck Of Blues – Too Late To Die Young

The front-man of Bonafide – Pontus Snibb, has just released his second blues-album with the trio Wreck Of Blues earlier this February. And we’re talking a real blues-rocket here!

It’s genuine blues with some early, but melancholy ZZ-Top, spinning off to a down-sized version of Pontus main band Bonafide, and with the most of the blues in between! It’s simple sweet blues in real good way! And Pontus voice is so damn good through out the album! Didn’t realized that he had the voice for the blues!

I can’t find a single redundant song on the album. And I really think that everyone that loves rock/metal music will love this is an amazing album! It’s an album that get me and my girlfriend (who really loved this album too) to believe that we’re back at Sweden Rock Festival – in the slope down towards the Sweden-stage, with a cold beer in our hands, and the sun in our eyes and with feet that won’t stop moving!

This is Happy Blues! And I can really sympathies with the title… 😀

Listen to the album, you will surly love it!

Here’s the album on Spotify, be sure to check it out!

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