Album Review: Ryders Creed

Ryders Creed is a 5 piece Hard Rock band from the Midlands, UK. According to the bio the influences are bands like Audioslave, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC etc. I would like to add sounds like Lynyrd Skynyrd and a Great White. The singer Ryan Antony sounds a lot like James Hetfield (in his older days!)

The band was formed in 2017, and given that it’s a really amazingly tight album! They play straight rock n’ roll where the most songs could almost be a hit.

I’m very ambivalent about the album. I really love the songs! It’s great fucking rock music (exept for the slow song in the middle – why must bands do boring slow songs?), I can’t stop stamping my feet! On the other hand, once I reach the end of the album, I have a hard time remember the songs.

I mean, there are a shit-load of potential hits here, and they’re almost there. But then it kind of floats away. But on the third hand… It’s an album filled with potent rock, great melodies, and amazing riffs!

You actually should check this album out! It’s one hand one of the best rock albums I’ve heard this year, on the other hand one of the most confucing albums. But I like it! If nothing else, it’s an exellent party album!!

My favorite songs are:
Raise the Hoof
On the Road
My Life


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