Album review: Sparzanza – Announcing The End

A new album with Sparzanza is always worth the wait! A band that, when they play at their best, is in my ears one of the absolute best metal bands in Sweden!

With this album, they kind of startled us with the title “Announcing The End”! My first thought was, is this really the end?

Well, it is a band that have celebrated 20 years as a band – almost two years ago! So, it might be a band that’s about to say good bye…. It’s been a month since the release of the album, and I still haven’t figured out if they mean the end of the band, or if it is just the end of how they used to do stuff before, or just a title of an album… Time will tell…

As I said, a new album with Sparzanza is always a great a thing. And as always, it’s an album that is filled with heavy, dark melodies, and great vocals, as always, from Fredrik Weileby. The album contains of 11 songs, and the first thing that strikes me is that, the songs are unusual long! I’ve always thought that Sparzanza albums are to short, but this is an album that is 50 minutes long! That fact alone makes me like this album from the start!

And I really like this album. It’s a kick-ass Sparzanza album! And if I have some minor good things to say about it, it would be that, maybe they are struggling with some identity-issues. It kind of sounds like that they are struggling to find some new sound, and maybe I miss the kick-in-the-balls type of Sparzanza. Like I’m missing a song like “Methadream”, although “Vindication” is rather close.

But that aside, I think that this is a really good album. It might not the best of Sparzanza, I feel that it sometimes lacks a bit of identity, and that it’s it bit more laid-back than earlier albums. But it’s still a great metal album, and the songs “Announcing The End”, “Vindication” and “One Last Breath” is the typical Sparzanza signum! And I love it!

And as luck has it, I can’t wait until spring next near when Sparzanza are coming for a gig in my home town! It will be an awesome night!

Here’s the latest video: the song “Vindication”, which actually seems really fitting since it’s Halloween tonight! Great and spooky video! And I’m extra glad when I’m seeing Johan on the bass, with a Skambankt t-shirt! (My favourite Norwegian band!):

And, to listen to the album on Spotify, it’s just below the video!

Here’s the album:


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… \m/ Peps…


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