Album review: Zeresh – Sigh for sigh

Zeresh is the self made/ self produced solo-project of Tamar Singer from Cruel Wonders, and it’s an EP with four songs. The style is like Cruel Wonders – a gentle doom with dreamlike songs. Blackened doom and dark ambient elements, much like Darkher actually.

The thread here is very personal. The EP is dedicated to Tamars 4 grandparents. Tamar says: “O, Gather me the rose” was composed a few years ago after visiting my grandmother one day, who was dying slowly at the time. I happen to have a guitar with me so I played and sang to her. Then she asked me to play this songs over her grave and so I did after she passed away. Her name was Shoshanna which means “Rose.”

I really get that feeling! And that feeling is all over the album. It’s dark, slow, dreamlike and filled with a lot of love. This is 4 songs that I love!.

I really understand the connection to the grandparents. It really paints a picture that I would love to crawl into in the dark hours and also when I want to connect to my grandfather whom I miss plenty!

This is music that I will listen to my next camping trip. Out in the Swedish forests in the pitch black winter, with a tiny camp fire. Only the stars are watching me. That’s the feeling I get when listening to this EP.

Compared with Tamars band Cruel Wonders, I think that I really find a stronger red line here. The songs seems more connected to each other. There’s a bigger thought behind the music I think, and Tamars voice is really great and it suits this Music even better than Cruel Wonders.

I really think that you need to check this album out!

\m/ Peps

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Zeresh – O, Gather Me The Rose:



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