Anarchy In August Crannk Podcast Release Show 29-8-20

As August wraps up I have gotten together another show focusing on Metal,Punk, and Rock(Mainly Metal) releases from the Underground, Independent and unsigned Scene, as always a huge shout out to all my PR contacts, the bands that have contributed and you the listener, thank you.

All the music has been played with the permission of the artists or representative so don’t be a stooge hit up the links and show your support \m/ Jai That Aussie Metal Guy \m/

Band Track Album Link

Babirusa: Dehumanized – Humanoid

Priorities: If I Believed – Single

Illyria: Frostbite – Single

VOTOV; Pacify The Enslaved – I.X.X.I

Prospects: Orphic Trigger Recalling Ep

Court Order; Poor Excuse – Self Titled

Godless Throne; Imperator 54AD -Spirit Of All Impurity

Nocean; The Prisoner Forthcoming album TBA

Shattered Mind; Expectations Living In The Past EP

Entropy; Ripzone -Force Convergence Ep

Homicide; Scourge Of God – Left For Dead…ix-2LsJDsA_BuIA Bandcamp:

Corners Of Sanctuary: We Never – Forthcoming album “Heroes Never Die”

Veritas: Love And Burn – Threads Of Fatality

Deadscape; The Artist – Demo 2020

Behind The Horror; Burn Up This Truth – Burn Up This Truth

I Am Pariah; Suck It Up single -Forthcoming Charm Before The Storm EP 27th November

Boysclub; Love Sick single

Fore; Pet and Today We Rise(No Tomorrow) – Hombres album

Winterhearth; Marshlands – Riverbed Empire


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