Australian Rock Band Whiteford release self-titled debut album

Whiteford is the Debut self-titled studio album by the band, Whiteford.
With a wide array of influences from each member of the band,Whiteford really does deliver an impactful, varied Aussie rock experience.
The four-member rock outfit recorded the album over two and a half years at Messiah studios in Seven Hills, Sydney Australia. Co-producing it with the studio’s owner, Stephen Zrnic wearing the engineering, co-producer, and mixer hats and the finishing touches of mastering performed by the legendary Rick O’Neil at Turtle Rock Studios.

Christmas day 1986, a young boy receives a tape player, a stopwatch and John Farnham’s Australia wide smash hit album ‘Whispering Jack’. Using the stopwatch to time what was then the lead single, ‘You’re The Voice’, he looks at the watch and thinks “Hmmm, 5 minutes and 4 seconds?  How hard can that be?”
‘ Well, that’s what I’m doing with my life!’ Little did he know?
Zarz has aspired to be a recording and performing singer songwriter ever since!

Fast forward to October 2015 when Zarz takes the step of becoming a solo artist after the break up of the previous original outfit he was in, with the view of finding members to become a band to work on the songs he has written. And in December 2015, WHITEFORD came to be.

April of 2016 sees the release of Whiteford’s first EP and having no new band members at that point in time, the EP is named after the previous band as homage to all the work each person had put in and the 30three EP by Whiteford receives some airplay on regional radio stations.

Mid 2016 sees Nate Meryment on drums come on board and later that year Brad Kypo on guitar joins. Then in early in 2017 Steve Short on bass guitar  finishes the line up with Zarz on rhythm guitar and vocals.

The four members click instantly and set to work on perfecting the songs penned by the singer. Everyone’s personal influences come through and it is the beginnings of the sound Zarz has been searching for. By the fourth rehearsal he knows this is the line up to stick with and the boys set about working on a live set, and thoughts turn to recording after a run of successful gigs during the tail end of 2017 around Sydney.

Excitement within the band and with supporters grows as the beginning of recording approaches.

During the recordings the four members cement themselves as a band over just being the backing band for a solo artist. Everyone brings their A game to the band, the songs, the stage and the studio. This is exemplified in the somewhat early release of the first single ‘She Joins Love’ in the middle of recording the album. That track earns the band rotational airplay on many regional stations across the country. Earning them more gigs and a placement in the semi-finals of a nation wide band competition called ‘Passport to Airlie Beach’.

Intriguing as it is, the history of each member is far too long to list here but to be brief, it ranges from Australia’s top billing cover and tribute bands, being in the pit for musicals, as session musicians for signed acts playing festivals, to some members being signed to a major label in previous acts. It is that varied history that bring forth the attitude of the song first and the collective ego last.

With the recent release of the debut self titled album in October of 2020 and simultaneous release of the next single ‘WORDS LIKE BULLETS’ gaining more regional radio support, the band aim to build upon that success and move into commercial radio aiming to find more supporters and fans to share the music with both at home and abroad. All while knocking peoples socks off with the live performances.

Band Line-Up:
Brad Kypo – Guitars, Backing vocals
Nate Meryment – Drums
Steve Short – Bass, Backing vocals
Zarz – Vocals, Rhythm guitar

CD Track Listing:
01. Words Like Bullets
02. She’s Amazing
03. Consequence
04. She Joins Love
05. Fall Short
06. Lies
07. Keep Moving On
08. Always You
09. Stop The World
10. I’m Alright

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