Leipzig-based rock outfit, Blacktoothed announced their new full-length album »JULI«, due for release on July 29th, and serve their dreamy and absolute lifting new hymn ‘Between You & The World’.

With its straight character, calm verse and then energetic chorus, and screaming guitar solo, ‘Between You & The World‘ actually meets all the criteria for a classic rock ballad, if it weren’t for the lyrics, which instead of the usual love story deal with the worries and fears of today’s society. “The song actually has a great story to it, since it holds our beloved 5-minute-guitar-solo”Hendrik explains, “the song really got flipped around in the studio and originally didn’t have a solo, but then when we needed one, Matti had to write one on the spot. Took her 5 minutes.”

The band’s latest work »JULI« was created in collaboration with the producing team of Sawdust Recordings (Christoph Wieczorek & Julian Breucker) and shows that Blacktoothed have narrowed their sound and found their musical style. “Recording JULI was a funny “3-way experience”, involving 3 different recording sessions over the course of 2 years, changing band members, finally getting the flow in our songwriting process and of course lots of bad jokes & food with our producing team (cheers!) – to sum it up, we might finally know what we are doing musically”DavidMatti Hendrik describe their recording experience.

“With JULI, our main concern is to create awareness to the fact that we carry a lot of potential in ourselves to change the lives of our loved ones for the worse, but at the same time to recognise how we might be able to help those affected”

»JULI« is characterized by their unique combination of a solid rock sound with a lot of filigree guitar work, catchy pop-hooks, topped up with a touch of an 80’s vibe.

Blacktoothed stands out for using and combining a wide range of stylistic elements from different genres in their songs.

This is how ’80s shred guitar solos meet modern, straight rock rhythms and vocal melodies that could cover anything from power ballads to pop chart hooks.

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