If you can’t headbang to this, you’re listening to it wrong. Inert review.

A couple of days ago we were contacted by the guys from Inert asking us to have a listen to their tunes, we are always happy to hear new music and this is a great example of why.

Inert are a two piece band, half Spanish half Swedish, they call themselves “death metal” which is pretty fitting but there is also plenty of old school thrash thrown in for good measure, think wide open heavy riffage with shredding solos.

Are Inert reinventing the wheel? No but if you can’t head bang to this, you’re listening to it wrong!!

Production quality is fantastic, it’s all HEAVY but nothing gets lost in the low end.


“Obliteration Of Self” is 3 songs or just over 10 minutes of tasty, blistering goodness that will be unleashed in June.

Go check out their facebook page for more info INERT.


Metaldad \m/



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