CHILD – Swedish Grindcore Outfit Featuring Members of Grand Cadaver, Novarupta, The Grifted,Share “Shitegeist” Title-Track

Swedish crust/grind outfit CHILD has recently shared the title track of their second full-length album “Shitegeist”, which is set to be released on March 29th via Suicide Records

The title track has premiered at Invisible Oranges, who had this to say about the song ““Shitegeist” is closer to punk rock than it is outright grind, which is to say that you can understand what Child are playing on first listen rather than succumb to the breakneck tempos.”

Listen to “Shitegeist” here.

The band comments about this new single “We are heading fast into the new dark ages. Man-made destruction of society, of ecosystems, of the world as we know it. We ignore all warnings, as long as we can grow our wealth. The world leaders create chasms in society. Terror, hatred, war is the result of their polarisation. We are heading fast for annihilation… And maybe that’s for the best. Everything sucks. Everything’s fucked.”

Check out the band playing “Time Island”, one of the songs from “Shitegeist”, live in Gothenburg at this location.

Founded in 2015 by Albin Sköld and Alex Stjernfeldt, two prolific musicians from the Stockholm scene whose curriculum includes names like Grand Cadaver, Novarupta and Aardena among others, CHILD was created with the intent to play a nasty and caustic blend of grindcore, punk and hardcore. The line-up was completed in 2021 when Jocke Lindström, Staffan Persson and Per Stålberg joined the duo and started writing material for a full-length, which was released in 2023 on  Eat Heavy Records and garnered strong reactions from both fans and press. 
Recently the five-piece outfit signed to Suicide Records for the release of their second album “Shitegeist”, a powerful album that delivers a furious mix of grindcore, crust punk, death-metal and noise rock. Pre-orders are now available at this location:

Jocke Lindström (The Grifted): Vocals
Alex Stjernfeldt (Grand Cadaver): Guitar
Per Stålberg (Division of Laura Lee) Guitar
Staffan Persson (Let Them Hang): Bass
Albin Sköld (Aardena): Drums


Suicide Records


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