Crannk Chats with Brad Cook

Brad Cook is a Rock Guitarist that has well and truly cemented himself into the Australian Rock Scene having played with/supported some of Australia’s biggest rock acts over a span of 15 years with his band “Smother”, Brad also had a stint with the band “The Eternal” that spanned three albums and a whole heap of live performances, and that’s not to mention the various successful tribute bands he has been in over the years.

But in 2018 Brad decided to finally start working on his own songs where he could sing, write and make music purely for himself at first, but then realized he needed to bring these songs into the light of day and let them shine, in what would become his debut solo EP “Time To Fly” which was released July 31st, and this ep has some incredible rock and blues vibes to it which really need to be crannked up. I recently caught up with Brad for a really great chat about the “Time To Fly” Ep, playing solo, guitars, support, and a few other cool stories check it all out then head over and rock out to the “Time To Fly” Ep.

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