Crannk Chats With Kinkshamer Vocalist Riley Rowe

Kinkshamer is a Los Angeles-based NSFW progressive metalcore/deathcore band who released their debut EP Societal Sects in 2019 and each song on the EP revolves around a particular fetish, kink, or aspect of sex. Currently, the group plans to follow-up their debut EP with even more provocative, shocking, and most of all kinky music in the future. For now, they have pieced together some raunchy and stimulating visuals for the whole Societal Sects EP over the month of October with the “Climax, Control, Closure” released today.

I recently caught up with Kinkshamer vocalist Riley to talk about all things Kinkshamer, including bringing back the shock factor with Kinkshamer, “Societal Sects” EP, and what’s next for the band.

Kinkshamer Lineup: Riley Rowe – Vocals Blair Berens – Guitar, Bass Jonny Daybreak – Drums

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