Crannk Chats with SteelSwarm

Sydney based Progressive metal trio SteelSwarm recently released their masterfully created debut album “Aspects Of Dissonance” 6th of August.

I really enjoyed the listening journey of this album it has some great melodies, strong vocals, powerful lyrics, a real solid DJentish funky bass hooks, and what I love about great prog metal albums an atmospheric soundscape. I caught up with 2/3rds of SteelSwarm Jamie Simms (Bass) and Zac Stewart (Drums), to talk about the album Aspects Of Dissonance, recording, production, beginnings, and evolution of SteelSwarm, and a whole heap more.

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Big Cartel…

Aspects Of Dissonance is available digitally at Itunes and all the usual digital outlets

SteelSwarm are : Dane Simms – Guitar & Vocals

Jamie Simms – Bass

Zac Stewart – Drums & Keys


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