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I caught up with Shep and Cas from brutal death metal band Aetherial to talk about their highly anticipated second album “Nameless Horrors” which is releasing worldwide October 23rd, we also talk about songwriting, how the band formed, recording and production, the first single “It’s Only Blood” from the album, and a whole lot more check it all out then head over and throw down some support for Aetherial. \m/

Nameless Horrors explores the thresholds of the human mind and soul when stretched to the very limits of sanity and pushed to the edge of the abyss and asks; what will you do when you get there? And who exactly is waiting for you at that lowest point? It’s a journey of black depths, euphoric heights, and the search for answers in unconventional places.”

Characterized by hellish death vocals, fierce riffs interspersed with grim harmonies, blistering drums, and captivating melodies. Nameless Horrors takes a significantly darker turn compared to Aetherial’s 2015 debut album, The Still Waters of Oblivion, which was highly received.

Nameless Horrors was recorded by Aetherial in Melbourne, mixed by Canadian rising star Asher Ally and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Architects) from Systemic Productions.

Aetherial Is:

Shep Sheppard: Vocals/Studio Guitar

Cassandra George: Bass/Lyricist

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