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All This Filth are about to drop their new album “Misery Season” on the 29th of March this is a really great album from another talented Aussie metal band and Jai recently caught up with Brendan Preston Vocalist for All This Filth and had a chat about the new album,how he got into playing music,heavy metal and a few other things.

All This Filth thank you for your time to have a chat with myself Jai
That Aussie Metal Guy and Crannk I really appreciate it

Brendan – All This Filth: No worries Jai, thanks for talking to us.

Jai Q:First off can you tell us a little about yourselves who are All
This Filth And How did you form?

Brendan: I mean, that’s a long story. We formed in around 2008 back when
my last band Dissonant sort of dissolved and the remaining members formed
All This Filth. Of course from that line up I’m the only one left now.
This latest incarnation has been together from around 2015/2016 and it
consists of myself Brendan Preston on Vocals, Benny Bönes on
Electronics/keys/samples/backing vocals, Mark Honey on Guitar, Cameron
Harris on Bass and Keiffer Mcmillan on Drums.

Jai Q: How would you describe your sound?

Brendan: Industrial tinged Groove Metal. Maybe Industrial Groove-Core
haha! That’s a term i just coined, feel free to use it. Seriously though
when I started this band our biggest influences were Sepultura, Fear
Factory and Chimaira. We wanted the Groove and Thrash to be mixed with
some Industrial Metal elements and that’s still true today but we also mix
in other influences such as Ministry, Nailbomb and stuff like that.
There’s traces of Hardcore like Madball or Agnostic Front in there too,
there’s even a bit of In Flames and Soilwork in there too. I mean we have
varied influences. The Groove, Aggression and Industrial tones are still
the core though.

Jai Q:How did you get into playing music?

Brendan: I’ve always liked heavy, fast, aggressive music and I always
wanted to scream and shout at the world. I’ve always been an angry guy and
I wanted to get those emotions out and screaming seems like a good way to
do that. So back in the day a mate and I used to jam in the spare room at
my dads house. He played guitar and i screamed along as we covered stuff
by Fear Factory, Alice In Chains and Machine Head. From there we formed a
band and that was Dissonant. The rest is history.

Jai Q:How and when did you start getting into heavy metal music?

Brendan: I’m a bit of a late bloomer. When I was in Primary School and
early High School all my mates were into Offspring, Millencollin, NOFX and
stuff like that which was cool. In year 10 though, so when I was 15, a
friend introduced me to Soulfly, Rammstein, Slipknot and stuff like that
and I was sold! Where has this been all my life? It’s been heavy since

Jai Q:What are some of the influences you fell have helped and inspire
you as a musician?

Brendan: As mentioned, in the early days it was all Soulfly, Slipknot,
Rammstein. I became a huge Max Cavalera fan and got into Sepultura and
Nailbomb as well and those bands are a huge influence on me. Fear Factory
was my gateway to Industrial Metal. They are a huge influence for me. From
there I discovered Ministry and Static-X and bands like that. Chimaira was
a big influence on me mixing that groove with the industrial stuff.  I’m
into all sorts of Metal stuff like In Flames and Soilwork too. Lamb Of
God, American Head Charge, The Haunted, I could go on all day about all
the bands that have inspired me. As I got older I also got into Hatebreed
in a big way and through them I got introduced to Hardcore music which was
huge for me. I love the energy and positive mental attitude of Hardcore.
New York Hardcore especially. Bands like Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick Of
It All are fantastic. Metal gave me purpose, Hardcore saved my life.

Jai Q:The new album Misery Season is fkn unreal what a great listen can
we talk about the 2 tracks you have released so far “This Is Misery” and
“Reject The Machine” and what those tracks mean to you?

Brendan: Firstly thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you like the album,
I’m really proud of this one, it took a lot out of me and the other guys.
“This Is Misery” was written as an intro track. We wanted to smack people
in the face and say “we’re fucking miserable, and here’s why”. So it’s
kind of an introduction to the album as a whole. The last few years have
been really tough on me personally, especially mentally and that really
comes through on this album and especially on this track as well as the
title track.

“Reject The Machine” is one of 2 tracks on the album that aren’t about my
terrible mental state. This one is more in line with our earlier work such
as “Programmed To Suffer”. Thematically anyways. It’s more about the world
generally. We need to be vigilant and question the things we are told
through the media, news organisations, social media. Seriously, we are all
distracted by stupid shit on social media and we are ignoring the
important issues. People are so easily manipulated and controlled and I
want people to wake up to that so we can start making this world a better
place for everyone.

Jai Q: How did you approach the songwriting and song creation on this

Brendan: It varied really. Sometimes we would start with a riff that
someone would bring in. Other times I’d have a theme for a song and go
from there. It really was a team effort. Everyone chipped in bits and
pieces here and there. I’m sort of like the filter, I sift through the
best ideas and we work on them. So it really depends. If someone has a
great idea and we are feeling it, we usually just go with that. We then
demo it at Bennys or Marks place and then just add bits and pieces from
there, i write the lyrics, we structure it and keep going until it’s done.

Jai Q:What was the recording process like can you tell us a little about

Brendan: The recording was fun and gruelling all at the same time. Our
producer Tristan Sturmer at Sumo Studios is a great guy and really knows
his stuff but he drove us really hard. He’s a bit of a perfectionist but
I’m glad he is because he got great results. There were times where a few
of us, myself especially, almost broke as there can be times where you’re
just not getting the take and you’re doing it over and over and over again
and you start questioning if you know what’s good or not anymore haha! I’m
glad he knew what he was doing though because in the end he got some great
takes out of everyone.

Jai Q:Perth has some amazing bands and All This Filth are no exception
what is the scene like over your side of the country?

Brendan: There are some criminally underrated bands from Perth. Seriously,
it’s like we are so isolated that no one knows what sort of talent we have
over here. Some world class bands here. The scene is pretty strong
although at times it’s a little too divided for me. Like there’s sub
genres of Metal bands that won’t play with other sub genres, which is
crazy to me. I like bands of all Heavy descriptions so it’s crazy to me
that Grind bands won’t play with Thrash bands or Black Metal bands won’t
play with Groove bands. it’s all good, we should all unite! But generally
it’s a pretty strong scene here, there’s tonnes of great bands. Shout out
to my boys in Bayview Suspect, Kimura, Aviscerus, Dying Degree, Prognosis
Negative, I could go on all day.

Jai Q:Misery Season drops on March 29 what have you guys got planned for
the release and what else have you guys got planned going into the rest
of 2019?

Brendan: On March 29th, the day of the release, we are playing a launch
show at The Boston in Perth. It’s in conjunction with Hornography which is
Perths monthly Metal club. So we are super pumped for that, there’s some
killer bands on the bill. Then we have a few shows lined up which haven’t
been announced yet but they will be in Perth and Bunbury which is South
West WA. From there we are looking at releasing our first video clip and
then heading to the Eastern States for the first time ever later this
year. So stay tuned for updates as they are announced.

All This Filth thank you again for making the time to do this for myself
and Crannk I really appreciate and congratulations on this amazing album
all the best for 2019 and keep crannking that metal Loud \m/

Brendan: No worries Jai! Cheers for taking the time and for the kind
words! Your support is greatly appreciated

All This Filth are
Brendan Preston – Vocals, Samples
Benny Bönes – Keys, Electronics, Samples, Guitar
Mark Honey – Guitar
Cam Harris – Bass
Keiffer Mcmillan – Drums

All This Filth Album launch 29th March 2019

All This Filth Bandcamp Link

All This Filth FB Link


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