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Battering Ram is a band that I discovered thanks to my friend Marie (you know who you are! 😊 ) and from our partner Kingart Music. And when I listen to their debut-album I immediately felt that this is my kind of music! You know, that kind of music that makes you move!

I had a chance to do a mail interview with the band, and here it comes:

Hello Battering Ram!

Thanks for doing this!

Hey there! We’re happy to do this and glad to share what we are up to and are going to do… Hope the answers works!

Can you tell me who you are? And where you are from?

We are four lads that has played in a whole lot of other bands through out the years, but in this band, we are: Johan Hallström on vocals, Jocke Ståhl on bass, Jonas Edmark on guitars and Tony Trust on drums.  All of us has more or less spent our time in the small town of Filipstad, Sweden where we experienced the metal of the 80:s when it was fresh.

The name Battering Ram, where did you get it from?

Well, it grew as a good decision when the music we want to do has the character of being direct, that means easy listening straight forward hardrock with an amazing power. (We got the judgement “beer-drinking-rock” at one time…)

For me, I think that you have found your own sound, but I do feel that I find some Mustasch mixed with a bit of Sparzanza. My opinion. But what are your influences?

We’re actually happy to hear that we’ve found our own sound, and we’re extremely happy and proud of that. Think that it’s all about that we have packaged some kind of 80:s hybrid with a modern sound where we have been extremely particular with a sound of pressure and weight. The music we make has a lot influences of a variety of bands, like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and of course Mustasch. We get a lot of that, and we consider it to be a good think. And if it sounds a bit of Sparzanza, it’s extra fun sins it’s a band from our neighbour city (Karlstad).

What makes you music special? Why should I listen to you and not Mustasch?

Think that our individual way of how we do our music can tribute to make our music a bit special, and we have a really clear idea of how our music should sound.

Our music are going to be straight forward, “simple” and easy listened to be able to reach a wide audience, and we and our producer (Krolle on ES music) have worked hard on the feeling of our sound.

You will listen to our music because we’re not main stream like many other bands out there today. And furthermore, the music we are making are a masterpiece of what four people experienced as the best music during the 80:s. Don’t wanna say that you will NOT chose Mustasch since we would be really happy to do a tour with them when this Corona shit is over!

If I listen to the singles you’ve been releasing the last couple of weeks, I would say that will recognize the sound from your previous album?

YES! We really hope that you do, since it’s important for us that, when you listen to the songs, you will understand what band you are listening to. The songs on the next album are based on the same thoughts that we had on the previous album, but of course we want to evolve. Both in music and ourselves, without loosing the sight of how we want to sound as a band.

You have released one album. It got some attention, and I guess that you had the time to do some gigs from it, but have you had the time to build a fanbase?

The album was released on the 25th of January and we had some gigs booked, some we could do, but during Mars it stopped, and everything got cancelled. We have had the privilege to build some fanbase with the shows that we managed to do, and then we continued to work with social media, live streams (very much appreciated!) and we’re trying to release new singles in some kind of flow. That’s our way to try to build a fanbase today, but of course, if we could do some live shows to follow our release of our debut album, that was very highly appreciated, that would have been great!.

When your next album will see the daylight, how will you promote it? I mean, if we don’t consider the Corona, can you start a rock band in these days, do shows and stuff? How do you spread your music in Sweden today?

Besides our own work, we will try to get help to promote it so that it will be reviewed and reach radio stations and all sorts of forums. To get a good review will give a great boost in marketing, while bad reviews will do us bad, but that a chance we are willing to take. Don’t think it’s a problem to start a band and get out there and play, but you have to have a bit of luck and not be afraid to accept some help to be exposed. Today music spreads through social media. And maybe vinyls are a clever way in our genre right now (we have our debut on the press right now in a limited release this spring).

How is the metal scene in your hometown?

Well, in our small town its mostly us and one band more that are working the heavy segment right now.

Our webpage Crannk (which I’m a founder of) are getting bigger in Australia, a country where there is a vivid market for new bands. I don’t really think that we have that in Sweden, what’s your opinion?

Think that it is a market just to start a band and get some gigs through an adult educational association or so, at an early stage. When you want to step up a bit and be like a special guest or hit the festivals or doing a tour it’s a bit harder, and then I guess you have to work a bit harder to be seen/heard on the right place with right people.

What are your plans with the band, is it a hobby or world domination? What are your plans?

We trying to put the peddle to the middle as much as we can, and we will have to see how far it will take us. The goal is of course to be able to this for a living, no doubt about it!

The primary plan is to release a couple of more singles. We have a lot of material ready for the studio, release the vinyl during spring and get a new album a bit later! 😉 Then we have some more up our sleeves, that we will reveal if everything works out (I will gladly return about it….) (I’m looking forward to it!)

As you said, you have been starting to release a couple of singles. I really like the song “Rage”. Is there a new album on the way?

YES! It’s on it’s way…. Depends on how and who stuff. It will be like a continuing on our debut album and you will definitely know that it us!

And finally, I would really like to thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, and I really hope that we will see each other out there some day!

Thank you, and as you said, hope to see you out there!


Battering Ram

Well, thanks a bunch Battering Ram!  Think it was a good interview and I feel a bit like it’s “ the beginning of a wonderful friendship”!

Photo by: Johan Thunberg






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