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I caught up with Belushi Speed Ball where we discuss everything from Stella, Playing live, Municipal Waste to DMX we even manage to talk a little about the latest album “What, Us Worry?” released May 27th through sonaBLAST! Records

Immerse yourself into the wild, thrash-fuelled antics that is BELUSHI SPEED BALL’s new album What, Us Worry?. For those unacquainted with the eccentric sextet, the Louisville, KY, based metallers produce a dynamic take on crossover thrash with an obscure twist.

BELUSHI SPEED BALL proudly presents “What, Us Worry”. The Sistine Chapel of generic cliché crossover thrash. Not only is it our best work to date, but we tricked a plethora of talent to be a part of the album. This includes being mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST), recorded and mixed by Chase Bensing, and artwork by Andrei Bouzikov (MUNICIPAL WASTE: Art of Partying).

The album oozes BELUSHI SPEED BALL’s collective personality, from ludicrous speeding riffs and pounding percussion to a touch of groove and sprinklings of hardcore. Interspersed with narrative snippets, these elements of humour carry over the outfit’s shenanigans and stage theatrics into the recorded realms. What, Us Worry? sees the band blend somewhat unexpected genre influences into the mix, notably the striking pop-punk sound of “Dog Birthday”. In stark contrast “Belushi Speed Grind” plunges into guttural depths of grindcore. Taking on the metal world with a nonsensical approach, BELUSHI SPEED BALL delivers the preposterous enveloped in an epic sound.

In addition, ripping guitar solos have been provided by Jamison Land (former GWAR BEEFCAKE), Tony Barhoum (CONDITION CRITICAL), and Nick Burks (SAVAGE MASTER). What, Us Worry will be available on N64, Gameboy Advanced, CD, and streaming everywhere.

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