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I caught up with Sarah and Jay Lindsey from doom/stoner metal band Book Of Wyrms who recently released their 3rd full-length album, “Occult New Age“, on May 7th.

With a foundation built on groovy riffs, memorable hooks, and ethereal vocals, the new album contains 8 tracks of energetic and classically catchy metal. With their minds firmly set on releasing a solid sonic adventure, Book of Wyrms has pushed themselves into the stratosphere, perfecting the sound that they presented on their previous albums. The result is a first-rate album, guaranteed to twist your hips and bang your head. “‘Occult New Age’ is Book of Wyrms at their fastest, slowest, loudest, and weirdest.” says the band. Occult New Age really does mark a new age for the band. Recording for the first time as a four-piece gave the band space to stretch out a little bit and fill the spectrum with big textures and proggy riffs, but their years playing together gives them focus to keep things tight and scatter hooks among the chaos. Formed in 2014, Book of Wyrms came together to forage strange ingredients for their sonic pot, balancing airy vocals over heavy sludge, cloaking progressive melodies in fuzz, and dropping surprise boogies under retrofuturist synths (people always ask if it’s a theremin). Thankfully, people dug it: 2017’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy was named one of the best debut albums on the popular website Doomcharts.

The Chicago Reader said 2019’s Remythologizer “immediately establishes a welcome atmosphere: dark, doomy, and highly comforting to anyone raised on a diet of D&D, 70s heavy rock, and ditchweed.” Surprisingly, with songs inhabited by characters like the Undead Pegasus, kids dig them too! Whenever they could, the band packed into their shiny starcraft to play dive bars and doom fests from New England to Chicago to Texas, leaving a trail of freaked-out squares and demolished tacos in their wake.


Book Of Wyrms are: Chris DeHaven – Drums and Percussion Sarah Moore Lindsey – Vocals/ Synthesizer Jay “Jake” Lindsey – Bass/ Synthesizer Kyle Lewis – Guitar



IG: @bookofwyrms


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