Crannk Interviews Brendan Auld

Hailing out of Brisbane, Australia is the super talented and highly motivated musician Brendan “Pip” Auld, Some of you may know of his work with Descent (Guitar), Siberian Hell Sounds (Guitar), Consumed (Drums), Dire Wolf(Guitar), or his work out of his home studio Black Blood Audio. Recently Brendan released his third solo Ep “II” under the SNORLAX name through Brilliant Emperor Records and isn’t looking to slow down any time soon with a whole heap of stuff planned for 2020. I recently caught up with Brendan for a chat about the latest SNORLAX release, Descent, and the forthcoming album, as well as upcoming shows and future side projects on the go.

Check out the Bandcamp links and Crannk up some of these amazing bands Siberian Hell Sounds Descent Bandcamp SNORLAX Bandcamp Consumed Dire Wolf Socials Black Blood Audio Studio Facebook… Descent… Siberian Hell Sounds… Consumed


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