Crannk Interviews Crypt Crawler-Marco Ieritano

I caught up with vocalist Marco Ieritano for West Australian Death Metal band Crypt Crawler to talk all about the latest album “Future Usurper” released June 2nd and also talked about the upcoming album launch show at Lucy’s Love Shack on June 19th.

“Future Usurper” is an excellent example of the quality of heavy music being created in our country’s west, with ten brutal tracks feeding off old school styles like Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower and more, while bringing in their own blend of modern elements, progressions and raw bite. This fully self-produced release showcases Crypt Crawler at their very best, with this album proving that they have pushed their craft even further than their debut release ‘To The Grave’. Future Usurper hits hard, bringing their dynamic blend of dark, heavy old school death while pushing the songwriting into new realms. They introduce some slightly progressive elements, yet never lose touch with the old school death metal sound they have become known for.

The lyrical content on Crypt Crawler’s debut album ‘To the Grave’ and the following EP ‘Blood Sustenance’ were typically based on horror movies or several films combined to create original storylines. With this latest release, ‘Future Usurper,’ we see a growth from the band not just in their musicality and production, but also in their lyrical themes, reflecting on the horrors of the real world and humanity as a whole. The track above, ‘Delirium’, dives into the possibility that we may already be damned, that our leaders have failed us and poses this as potential reasoning why more actions aren’t being taken to save this earth. Furthermore, lyrical descriptions of a decaying human body acts as a metaphor for the earth and the damage being done. As a whole, the album embarks on additional themes that include the loss of free will, the abuse of power, existentialism and general human interaction/perception. It brilliantly traverses the issues that we as a human race experience, while sonically drawing you in to listen to everything that this dark, heavy music encapsulates.

Crypt Crawler’s ‘Future Usurper’ is a damn fine slice of old school metal being created in modern times and they are definitely a band to be paying attention to. Crypt Crawler will be hosting their album launch show on June 19th at Lucy’s Love Shack in Perth with more plans on Australian touring once restrictions make it easier for a band from the west.

Crypt Crawler is: Marco Ieritano – Vocals

Jordan Cappa – Lead Guitar

Zach James – Rhythm Guitar

Cameron Gillam – Bass

Lewis Oliver – Drums

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