Crannk Interviews Currents Vocalist Brian Wille

Do you ever come across a band and you think WOW where have I been, why I haven’t I heard this band, well I do all the time and Currents is one of those bands. Hailing out of Connecticut, USA is Currents a band that plays with a ferocious amount of energy and passion and has built up an impressive reputation in the scene having being handpicked by August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, We Came As Romans, Fit For a King, Born of Osiris, and the Impericon Never Say Die! tours. I enjoyed really diving into the Currents back catalogue “Victimized” EP 2013 “Life//Lost“EP 2015 and the blistering debut album “The Place I Feel Safest“2017 and the scorching 2018 Ep “I Let The Devil In

Currents latest album “The Way It Ends” due for release worldwide June 5th through Sharp Tone Records, This is an album really has to be seriously considered as one of the contenders for Metal Core album of the year it really is that good.

I recently caught up with Currents vocalist Brian to talk Currents, and the latest album “The Way It Ends”.

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Currents Merch/Music and also Pre Orders for “The Way It Ends”

Currents is Brian Wille (vocals), Chris Wiseman (guitar), Ryan Castaldi (guitar), Christian Pulgarin (bass) and Matt Young (drums).
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