Crannk Interviews Deathbeds AU vocalist David Oliver

Canberra based metal outfit Deathbeds AU are tomorrow unleashing their brutal slab of brilliance in the “Sinner” album upon the world. A really great album that is up there as one of my favorite releases so far for 2020, Deathbeds have really found their sound in this album and also have the Deathcore Queen of the Keys Misstiq appear on the tracks for the recording. I recently had a quick chat with Deathbeds vocalist David who was busy packing and sorting merch for the upcoming East coast “Sinner” tour starting tomorrow in Canberra.

“Sinner” album Pre-OrdersĀ

Check out their socials for event detailsĀ and tickets available at

Deathbeds AU is David Oliver Vocals

Anthony Hyde Guitars

Marc Beresford Bass

Kit Samin Keyboard, Vocals

Sam Moloney Drums

Benjamin Poulsen Guitar


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