Crannk Interviews Fields Of Regret

FIELDS OF REGRET is preparing to unveil the horror-fuelled, gothic metal and punk offering on November 18th. I recently caught up with Belgian-based musician Filip Van Lysebeth, to discuss this project and the debut release.

Bringing an industrial edge, FIELDS OF REGRET incorporates impactful rhythmic riffs across their tracks. Opening with “Zu All The Ant”, distorted guitars enveloped in fuzz contrast with a carnivalesque metallic riff running throughout the verses. “Pinky Lace and Pixie Dust” delivers an eerily upbeat rhythm pattern, with striking guitar leads and pounding percussion. Distinctive vocals emphasize the horror themes that bleed through FIELDS OF REGRET’s music. Taking a pop-punk style song structure and twisting it into a dissonant and discordant track, “Algorithmic Lie” reflects a major aspect of our modern lives, and in typical FIELDS OF REGRET fashion, it’ll leave a sour taste in your mouth. The title track releases an all-godly attack of metal instrumentation in a rhythmic explosion. FIELD OF REGRET’s signature sinister vocals ensure to keep sweet dreams at bay. Further experimentation is seen through the concluding “Tattoos and Tears”. Taking a more extreme approach, FIELDS OF REGRET delves deeper into the depths with ludicrously heavy guitars, while the melodic guitar lead adds a brighter tone. A serene, minimal instrumental section creates a further disparity within this unchained track. Become immersed in the weird and wonderful nightmare manifested by FIELDS OF REGRET. A grim mirroring of society through heavy instrumentation with a ghoulish twist, the chilling self-titled EP opens the doors to a realm of terror.

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