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Recently Crannk’s Mike the Punk introduced me to a really great sounding Punk band from Perth Western Australia The Decline with a review for “The Verge Collection” single from their fourth and latest release “Flash Gordon Ramsey Street” due out August 30 through Pee Records.The Decline have built a solid reputation locally and internationally having seen them play in front of audiences through The US,The UK,Europe,Mexico and Australia and having shared the stage with some amazing acts like Face To Face(USA), Ignite (USA), C.J Ramone (USA), Frenzal Rhomb (AUS), A Wilhelm Scream (USA), Bodyjar (AUS), The Smith Street Band (AUS), The Bennies (AUS), Strung Out (USA), Guttermouth (USA), The Flatliners (CA) and Such Gold (USA) .So today Myself (Jai) and our Mike The Punk got together a few questions for The Decline and Harry the awesome drummer and all round legend went through a few questions for Crannk.

Jai Q:First off can you tell us a little about yourselves who are The Decline?

 H – We are four gentleman who enjoy Bloody Marys and Star Wars marathons. 

Jai Q:And how did The Decline form?

 H –   Pat started the band with friends in highschool a couple of years ago then the rest of us came a running over yonder hill and here we are now. 

MP Q:How did the band name come about ?

H –  …nothing to do with NoFx 

MP Q:What was the bands first gig like ?

H –  I remember seeing The Decline before I joined at The Swan Basement, for whatever reason they had a garbage bag full of bread. I think their manager at the time was really into bread. They spoke more than they played songs and I may have walked out lol The songs they played were fun though and I kept bumping into them and then eventually I joined the band. 

M P Q: How did you first get into punk music and what was the first punk album you bought? 

H – My first introduction was Smash by The Offspring, my older cousin gave it to me when I was little as she was “over” punk and started listening to Ministry and Prodigy…her loss. It kinda snowballed from there and I couldn’t be happier. I love A Wilhelm Scream.

MP Q: What was it like collaborating with Stacey Dee of Bad Cop Bad Cop?

H – We were in LA playing The Redwood a cpl tours ago and BC/BC all showed up. We felt famous so we figured why not see if they’ll sing with us on an album. Lucky for us Stacey was keen and she fucking nailed it! 

MP Q:Have you worked with any musicians or bands that you look up to? If so what was that like?  

H – We have actually! It’s pretty crazy to think but the first album was recorded at The Blasting Room with Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson!!! Since then we’ve managed to sneak a lot of our heros and friends onto recordings…but I can’t say who yet 🙂
Aside from cameos we’ve toured with a bunch of favourites, for me A Wilhelm Scream has been one of the highlights. I’ve taught Nick their drummer all the dance moves he knows. 

Jai Q: The Decline’s latest and third single Brovine from your forthcoming new album ‘Flash Gordon Ramsay Street’ is a punk anthem for animal rights can you tell me a little how that track came about?

H – When you’re vegan or vegetarian people ask dumb questions about your diet so we decided to have an instructional song that documented the real truth about where we all get our protein. Same place as animals…policeman.

Jai Q:There is a really cool animated film clip for Brovine can you tell us a little about who made the clip and how that come about?

H – Fox Trotsky from Nancy Vandal did this one for us, he’s got a great style and has was super easy to work with. Go check his stuff out at , it’s rad!

Jai: Crannk’s Mike The Punk just did a review on The Verge Collection can you tell me about what this track means to you?

H – It’s an ode to A Wilhelm Scream

Jai Q:How did you approach the song writing and song creation for the new album ‘Flash Gordon Ramsay Street’?

H – A lot of concept albums start with a storyboard and direction of some sort, instead of a storyboard we did a meme board, the inspiration just started flowing from there really. 

It’s by far the most together album we’ve hard as far as the writing process was concerned.

Jai Q:Can you tell us a little about the recording and production process on this album?

H – Mark McEwen and Brody Simpson broke us down and built us up for this one. They own and run Underground Studios which is actually where a lot of the tracking for Eat That was done many moons ago. Since that album the studio changed hands and the guys turned it into an amazing space. These guys are amazing musicians and know where all the best noodle joints are. They are as much a part of the band as any of us now, whether they like it or not. 

Jai Q:’Flash Gordon Ramsay Street’ is due out August 30 have The Decline got any shows planned for the release?

H – I’m not sure if I can say just yet…although Tools album comes out the same day so maybe we’ll do a double headliner release party with them. I’ll keep you posted.

The Decline thank you so much for taking the time to go through this for Crannk,Mike The Punk and Myself congratulations on the album and cheers\m/

Thank you so much! 

Harry and da boiz


The Decline is
Ben Elliot – guitar/vocals Harry – drums Pat Decline – guitar/vocals Ray Ray – bass 
Facebook Link
Pee Records
Bandcamp Link The Decline Web Page

As always have a suss of them on spotify but if you really want to support the scene head over to bandcamp and show your support.


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