Crannk Interviews Jess Vocalist of Juliet Ruin

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Hailing out of Canada Juliet Ruin have been working tirelessly since around 2015, Forming out of the ashes of a previous group Juliet Ruin have well and truly established themselves throughout Canada with their live performances and their self titled 2017 debut EP. And now with the forthcoming release of their first full length album “’Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos’ due out September 6,Juliet Ruin have well and truly established themselves in the scene and are looking to spread Juliet Ruin worldwide.I have been really enjoying the heck out of this album and so I had to take the opportunity to find out some more about Juliet Ruin and Vocalist Jess Fleming graciously took some time out for Crannk.\m/

Hey Jai here with Crannk thank you so much for taking the time to go through a few questions for Crannk, Our Readers and Myself it is really appreciated.

Q;So First off can you tell us who Juliet Ruin are, and how would you describe your sound?

Jess A:Juliet Ruin is Jess Fleming on lead vocal, Kent Geislinger and Dayn Armsworthy on guitar, Cody Reid on bass, Jesse Bauman on drums. Our sound is a mix of heavy and groovy rhythms with technical clean vocals mixed with some scream vocals as well. We push the contrast between heaviness and catchiness, the beautiful and the beastly.

Q: How did Juliet Ruin form? 

Jess:Juliet Ruin was formed from the former members of a previous project, Fiction of Fate, who decided to rebrand and take a new direction from the previous iteration.

Q:How did you come up with the name for the band? 

Jess:I always wanted to use the stage name Juliet Ruin and the idea came from there that we should just call the band Juliet Ruin.

Q; So when and how did you first get into heavy/alt music? 

Jess:When I was young I stole a Green Jelly cassette from my uncle and have been enamored and inspired by the versatility of the human voice ever since.

 Q: What was the first metal album you got? 

Jess:The first metal album I purchased myself as a teen was Iowa By Slipknot, I believe.

Q; How and when did you first start playing music?

 Jess:I was 9 years of age the first time I sang on a stage and I really became devoted at the age of 14…so that’s…a lot of years 😉

Q: And how did that evolve into wanting to play in a band? 

Jess:I spent a long time singing to backing tracks, my own acoustic instruments, or hired bands both as a soloist and in vocal groups. The full band idea always appealed to me, eventually, I think I just wanted to create and share with others in a new way. I had challenged myself extensively on my own and wanted to move onto something louder and bigger.

Q:Who do you feel has helped inspire and influence you as a musician? 

Jess:I adore Devin Townsend as a vocalist. Especially in my metal vocal experience, he has been a huge influence. Also, the Edmonton music scene itself. I feel like the metal scene really inspires me to grow as a musician. Everyone brings their A-game and we have something really supportive and motivating going on because of it.

Q:What was the very first show like for JR? Jess:It was a Halloween Show at Rendezvous Pub in Edmonton. We played with bands we consider all friends and had a great first response to the new material.

Q;The debut release for Juliet Ruin was your self titled EP what would be the track you are most proud off of that EP and why? 

A:The track I am most proud of off the EP is Serpent Heart. We had our friend Brandy Black sing the intro and she is pretty awesome and special to us, so that really enriched the song. It’s also just a very unique track to the rest and it hits on a different emotional level.

Q:The new album Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos is your first full-length album how did you approach the songwriting and song creation on this album? 

Jess:We openly brainstorm until we have song “skeletons” and then we kind of go with the flow of how the songs feel for the subject matter. It ended up becoming something honest and a bit vulnerable, and so thematically we were able to serendipitously tie it all together. The cosmic theme of the album is our way of expressing the relatability of the human condition, so we really had to be open with one another.

Q:How do you feel Juliet Ruin have grown and evolved since your Debut EP in 2015? 

Jess A:Aside from evolving through many member changes, we have found a lot of sounds over the years that we have slowly incorporated. Lead vocals have become more versatile as far as powerful screams and becoming comfortable incorporating pop diva roots. We have added more backup vocals, groovier bass, and most recently – 7 string guitars.

Q:The first single released off Old Stardust, Love and Chaos is the awesome track Seasons can you tell me a little about what this track means for you? 

JR:This track was revised so many times. The rest of the album was written and this one was just instrumental for the longest time. The day we started tracking drums Jess was inspired by Springtime and the Hades and Persephone mythological story…and she rewrote seasons in a half hour. It was definitely an unexpected favorite, but once we laid it down we all loved it!

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Q;The album comes out September 6 what has Juliet Ruin got planned with that and do you have any upcoming shows you would like to share? JR A:We are playing a number of shows in support of the release. Here are some dates. More will be announced soon.
Upcoming Juliet Ruin Shows Canada
Sept 6 – Edmonton, AB – Shakers Roadhouse
Sept 7 – Saskatoon, SK – Black Cat Tavern
Sept 13 – Kelowna, BC – Fernando’s Pub
Sept 14 – Vancouver, BC – Pat’s Pub
Oct 4 – Red Deer, AB – The Krossing
Oct 5 – Medicine Hat, AB – Liquid Niteclub

Juliet Ruin Links: Bandcamp

Check out Juliet Ruin on Spotify but if you really want to support the band buy some merch and go see them live,because without support there is no scene\m/


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