Crannk Interviews Killerweil

Killerweil are a new metal band out of the Philippines and they just recently released their debut single “Over The Edge” so Jai That Aussie Metal Guy caught up with Weil for a chat.

Jai Q:First off can you tell me a little about yourself and the band
Who are Killerweil?
Weil Q:I am Weil Ylagan and music is really my passion. Killerweil is metal
act based in the Philippines composed of me on vocals & bass, Chislon
Bolanos on guitars, and Regin Nolasco on drums.

Jai Q:How did Killerweil form?
Weil: It was later last year when I asked Chislon to help me out on
this song (Over The Edge) that I was writing back then. And then we
invited Regin to jam with us as full band. There.

Jai Q:How would you describe the sound and style you are after with Killerweil?
Weil: Each of us came from different musical background, but we
describe our sound as metal. We are still on the process of
experimenting on how the “Killerweil metal” sound will be.

Jai Q:So I got to ask about your name how did you come up with it?
Weil: “Killerweil” is a pun combining my name and killer whale. I
think it best describes the group. Killer whales are gentle-looking
but very dangerous inside. Just like us. LOL.

Jai Q:So Weil you are quite the musician how did you get into playing
music originally?
Weil: I started picking up the guitar when I was in high school. And
rest is history.

Jai Q:What are some your influences that you feel have helped and
inspire you as a musician?
Weil: I am originally inspired by classic and hard rock bands like
Guns N’ Roses, Mr. Big, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, etc.
Now, I am exploring on listening more NU metal stuff like KoRn,
Slipknot, Deftones, Linking Park, etc.

Jai Q:Your debut single “Over The Edge” what does the song mean to you?
Weil: I was inspired by super hero fiction movies upon writing the
song. It’s just basically about battle between good and evil.

Jai Q:The film clip has a 80’s feel to it especially the way it
started really cool kinda Stranger things feel.Can you tell us a
little about the making of that clip?
Weil: We just thought that “old school is cool” that’s why we decided
to do that video treatment.

Jai Q: What is the metal scene like over in the Philippines besides
Killerweil is there anyone else we should be checking out and
Crannking up from your side of the globe?
Weil: Our guitarist, Chislon is currently playing guitars for
progressive metal band Il Nomine Patris and also doing guitar session
works for metal band Valley of Chrome, one of the best metal bands
here in the Philippines. You should definitely check out those acts.

Jai Q: So what else have yourself and Killerweil got planned at this
stage going into 2019?
Weil: As of we now, we just plan to write more stuff and do live shows
soon. And let’s see what’s next.

Killerweil is: Weil Ylagan – vocals / bass Chislon BolaƱos – guitars Regin Nolasco – drums

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