Crannk Interviews Lexxi Foxx From Steel Panther

Slap on the spandex turn up the Volume, The Gods Of Pussy Steel Panther are returning with their fifth studio album and possibly one of the greatest metal self -help albums ever “Heavy Metal Rules” which is due for release next week on the 27th.Steel Panther have released three singles already off the album “All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)” a track Satchel wrote about Lexxi Foxx and the film clip was shot in Las Vegas, the next single released “Always Gonna Be A Ho” and is a companion track to the first clip and single.The last single released was the track “Gods Of Pussy“and here is a quote from Steel Panther about this track Steel Panther explains: “Kiss wrote ‘God Of Thunder,” Def Leppard wrote ‘Gods of War’ and we wanted to get in to the ‘God’ business too. This is an autobiographical description of a day in the life of Steel Panther. So, when you’re feeling a little unsexy and you need to get your mojo flowing and turn up the heat, play this song at 10 and you too can become a God of Pussy.

Steel Panther has been a favourite of mine (Jai) since way back with the track Death To All But Metal and it is with great pleasure that I recently had a chat with Lexxi Foxx about the new album and Steel Panther check it out then go Crannk up Steel Panther LOUD so the neighbors can enjoy it as well.\m/

Steel Panther‘s fifth studio album will be unleashed into the world on Friday September 27 and can be pre-ordered at Singles “All I Wanna do is Fuck (Myself Tonight)”, “Always Gonna Be a Ho” and “Gods Of Pussy” are out now!


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