Crannk Interviews Lexxi Foxx From Steel Panther

Crannk Interviews Lexxi Foxx From Steel Panther

20th September 2019 0 By Jai

Slap on the spandex turn up the Volume, The Gods Of Pussy Steel Panther are returning with their fifth studio album and possibly one of the greatest metal self -help albums ever “Heavy Metal Rules” which is due for release next week on the 27th.Steel Panther have released three singles already off the album “All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)” a track Satchel wrote about Lexxi Foxx and the film clip was shot in Las Vegas, the next single released “Always Gonna Be A Ho” and is a companion track to the first clip and single.The last single released was the track “Gods Of Pussy“and here is a quote from Steel Panther about this track Steel Panther explains: “Kiss wrote ‘God Of Thunder,” Def Leppard wrote ‘Gods of War’ and we wanted to get in to the ‘God’ business too. This is an autobiographical description of a day in the life of Steel Panther. So, when you’re feeling a little unsexy and you need to get your mojo flowing and turn up the heat, play this song at 10 and you too can become a God of Pussy.

Steel Panther has been a favourite of mine (Jai) since way back with the track Death To All But Metal and it is with great pleasure that I recently had a chat with Lexxi Foxx about the new album and Steel Panther check it out then go Crannk up Steel Panther LOUD so the neighbors can enjoy it as well.\m/

Steel Panther‘s fifth studio album will be unleashed into the world on Friday September 27 and can be pre-ordered at Singles “All I Wanna do is Fuck (Myself Tonight)”, “Always Gonna Be a Ho” and “Gods Of Pussy” are out now!