Crannk Interviews-Lucas Di Mascio-Malacoda

Malacoda recently released the first and title track from their highly anticipated upcoming EP “Crawling Chaos” which is due for release April 2nd, And I recently caught up with Malacoda vocalist Lucas for a chat about the “Crawling Chaos” track and Ep, support, artwork, and all things Malacoda.

Crawling Chaos is Malacoda’s return to form- a dark and melodic epic EP with rich keyboard passages and haunting vocal performances. With music described as “dark, foreboding and with lyrics to enjoy as well as unsettle.” (Powerplay Mag UK) being a constant in the band’s sound, the next step would be to write a follow up to Restless Dreams. While looking for a drummer, the band recorded throughout the rest of 2019/2020 with friends behind the drum kit.

Malacoda isLucas Di Mascio – Vocals/Keyboards

Wes MacDonald – Guitars

Zak Stulla – Bass

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