Crannk Interviews Lydia Can’t Breathe

I recently caught up with Kyle, Shad, and Ryan to chat about Lydia Can’t Breathe‘s latest single “Sheep” and all things Lydia Can’t Breathe.

Hard rock metal quartet LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE released their brand new single titled “SHEEP” to all digital outlets today! The single is a fresh take on the band’s trademark sound with melodic guitars and dark tendencies. It showcases their ear candy intros, face-melting guitar riffs, while still clinging to their heavy transitions and breakdowns. “Sheep is an energetic guitar-driven heavy piece with catchy clean vocal choruses. The verses are harder spoken parts with a heavy breakdown. The contrasting parts show the different styles and variations of the band’s sound. The song follows the theme of thinking on your own and being yourself regardless of how society tries to shape you” says the band.

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