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I recently caught up with the Grim one, the master of corpse entertainment Necrosexual to talk all about the latest meaty slab of metal for Necrosexual “Seeds Of Seduction” which was released worldwide on September 3rd.

Seeds Of Seduction‘ is the follow-up to ‘The Gory Hole Overture in F#‘ EP (2019) and the full length ‘GRIM-1‘ (2018.) Marrying themes of expression and high art with base desires and sexual innuendo, the Necrosexual’s dark humor leers at the forefront. ‘Chaos Command‘ is a dazzling thrash metal anthem with a deliciously dark theatrical flair, while ‘Screamin’ For The Steamin’ Demon Semen‘ flirts with blistering grindcore speeds and rambunctious punk breakdowns. ‘A Long Time To Die‘ spins a speed metal whirlwind of euphoria and despair, embellished by Vigo’s neoclassical guitar arrangement and moody synthesizers. The cassette release on Folkvangr Records includes two exclusive bonus tracks – a brand new song “The Grim Hymn,” and a remaster of their hit “Dead Sexy” at the hands of Joel Grind, limited to 100 tapes.

The Necrosexual – lead bass, guitar, vocals, keyboards, songwriting and lyrics
The Vigo – lead guitar
The Fury Of Churry – lead drums, outro guitar solo on “Chaos Command”

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