Crannk Interviews Ovtsider-Tom & Harry

I caught up with Tom(vocals) And Harry (Drums) from Adelaide Hardcore band Ovtsider to talk about all thing Ovtsider including the latest single “Coward” also at the time of this interview last week Heavy SA had not been canceled but is now no longer going ahead due to covid restrictions.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Sam Yates of DREGG, “Coward” follows on from last year’s raw offering, “Blood“, featuring Daybreak’s Shaun Cox by questioning why those in denial of destructive behaviour always have an excuse. “The main character has been confronted and questioned on their actions and has tried to justify them with poor attempts” explains vocalist Tom Drizners. “Instead of realising what they’ve done, they continue to try and crawl their way back in by justifying it to themselves, when really everyone can see who they are. They are just digging a deeper grave.” “The song is incredibly personal, with not a whole lot of effort given to be cryptic because sometimes people just need a wake up call… again.”

The track was very much a product of 2020 with a lot of the collaborative efforts conducted over Skype and FaceTime video calls. The band were able to produce a music video, with the help of Caleb Rose of Vitality Visuals, that captures the glitchy, fever dream vibe of the track. Watch it here!

Forming in 2018, Ovtsider is Tom Drizners (vocals), Jake Lawrence (guitar), Coen Miller (bass) and Harry Mason (drums). The quartet sprung into the Adelaide hardcore scene with just their demo ‘…’ allowing them to jump on lineups with the likes of Harms Way (USA), No Zodiac (RIP), Pridelands, and Alpha Wolf. Following on in 2019 Ovtsider released their debut single “Ache” which was immediately added to Spotify playlist ‘Homegrown and Heavy’. 2020 brought with it the release of “Blood”, featuring Shaun Cox of Perth’s Daybreak. “Blood” welcomed a new, heavier sound with raw emotional lyrics that landed the band another add to Spotify’s ‘Homegrown and Heavy’ playlist and placed them in Backbone Takeover’s top 100 countdown of 2020. “Coward” delivers on the chaos built from the foundations of “Blood”.

“Coward” is out now and available on streaming platforms everywhere!


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