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Astralium are a Symphonic metal band hailing out of Italy and their debut album “Land Of Eternal Dreams” released August 23rd via Rockshots Records (worldwide release) and via Japanese label Spiritual Beast.”Land Of Eternal Dreams” is a symphonic metal gem of an album and the vocals are masterfully delivered by the amazing and talented Roberta Pappalardo . This was an album that stuck with me long after I listened to it and I had to have a chat with Roberta to find out more about Astralium and “Land Of Eternal Dreams”,Check it out then go Crannk up some ASTRALIUM 🤘

Hello Astralium Jai Anderson here with Crannk congratulations on your amazing debut album a really amazing listen and thank you for taking the time to go through a few questions for myself, Crannk and our readers your time is graciously appreciated.

Jai Q;So first off who are Astralium ?

Roberta A;Hello Jai, first of all thanks a lot for the space. Astralium is a Symphonic Metal band from Italy with power/prog and heavy influences. We are metalheads and we love classic music and heavy metal

Jai Q;How did Astralium form?

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Astralium, called Black Roses before changing the name, was born in 2014 in Sicily (Italy) by me and the bassman Giuseppe Pappalardo. After many changes, the first line-up establishes with Emanuele Alessandro on the guitar and Corrado Geniale on the drums. In the summer 2017 Corrado Geniale leaves the band for personal reasons and the band welcomes Salvo Grasso (Hypersonic, Metatrone, ex-Denied).

Jai Q:Where does the name Astralium come from?

Roberta A;The name “Astralium” was born from the themes I wanted to talk about in our debut album like astral world, inner journeys full of visions and fantasy imaginary. So, we have combine “Astral” word to “ium” from latin language.

Jai Q;When and how did you first get into singing/playing music?

Roberta A;We started many years ago playing cover songs of our favourite rock and metal bands, like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Evanescence and more. So, after some years we needed to write our music growing up into a musical and artistic view.

Jai Q;Who or what has helped inspire and influence you as a musician?

Roberta A;As a singer, I was inspired by Whitney Huston and Mariah Carey. When I started to listen metal music I felt like entering in a special music world full of many wonderful touches. They made me travel in different worlds. So, I was inspired by many female singers like Amy Lee (Evanescence), Tarja Turunen (Nightwish), Simone Simons (Epica), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) and Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil).

Jai Q: When and how did you first get into Heavy/Alt music?

Roberta A;I started to listen this kind of music thanks to a friend who listened Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Unexpect, Lacuna Coil, Epica and Nightwish.

Jai Q; And what was the first album you bought?

Roberta A; The first album I bought was “Century Child” by Nightwish. My first metal music love!

Jai Q:Land of Eternal Dreams is an amazing debut album can you tell me a little about the song writing and music creation process?

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Roberta A;Thank you so much, Jai. I’m very happy that you glad “Land Of Eternal Dreams”. Usually, the songs are written by me, Salvo and Giuseppe. After creating the melody vocals line and symphonic parts, Emanuele creates guitar riffs and harmonic melodies. Later, we compose all the arrangements and instrumental counterpoints. At the end, I and Salvo write the lyrics for each song. In this album I wrote all the lyrics except “Seven Seas, Seven Winds” by Salvo. About music, I and Giuseppe wrote five songs and Salvo wrote the other five pieces. The italian composer Salvatore Reitano wrote two instrumental tracks in the album, “Remembrance” and “Ethereal Voices From The Forest”.

Jai Q:I noticed that you have a few guests on this album can you tell us about that?

Roberta A; Of course! The great special guest in the album is for sure Tommy Johansson from Sabaton and Majestica. He sing in the second album’s single “Rising Waves From The Ocean”. He is a dear friend we know from some years and he make an amazing special part and the final refrain with his typical high pitch vocals. Impressive! Another amazing guest is Andrea Martongelli from Arthemis who played an incredible speed guitar solo. Thanks also to Stefano Ghigas Calvagno and Davide
Bruno from Metatrone and NefeshCore on guitar and growl vocals, Jo Lombardo from Ancestral (ex-Metatrone) on vocals on “Whisper In The Silence”, Adam Cook from USA black metal band A Hill To Die Upon on scream/growls on “Seven Seas, Seven Winds” and narrator on “The Journey”. At last, the tenor Agatino Reitano from Arena di Verona Foundation and Massimo Bellini Theatre in Catania on lead lyrical vocals on “The World Of Unknown” and all the additional choirs in the album.

Jai Q:Can you tell us a little about the production process on this album? Roberta A; After making the all songwriting, we have recorded all the instruments and then we compose all the arrangements and counterpoints. “Land Of Eternal Dreams” was produced by the band. The entire album was recorded and edited by Salvo Grasso in his studio in Italy. Mix and mastering by the great Riccardo Samperi, a fantastic sound engineer, at TRP MUSIC Studios in Italy. We are very very happy for the final master. Riccardo did an superb job!

Jai Q:What would be the track you are most proud of off this album and why?

Roberta A;My favourite track in the album is “Seven Seas, Seven Winds”. This track is a perfect manifesto of Astralium music. The song is more articulate by composition view, aggressive, symphonic and with a great opera atmosphere

Jai Q;Does Astralium have any shows at the moment you would like to share?

Roberta A; No at the moment, but stay tuned for more news on our social (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Thanks a lot for the interview, Jai and a great hug to all the readers. Stay Symphonic, Stay Metal!

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Astralium Are Roberta Pappalardo (Robie) – Vocals & Backing Vocals
Salvo Grasso – Drums & Male Vocals
Giuseppe Pappalardo – Bass & Backing vocals
Emanuele Alessandro – Guitars

Rockshots RecordsAstralium Facebook – Get album HERESpiritual Beast Japan

Check out Astralium on Spotify but if you really want to support the band and scene head over to one of the links above and grab a copy of “Land Of Eternal Dreams” and Crannk it.


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