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Take a step into progressive realms, dynamic, intricate guitar-driven instrumentals, and diverse stories told through elaborate soundscapes by Brazilian/Canadian guitarist Rod Rodrigues. I recently caught up with Rod to discuss his latest release Tales Of A Changing Life Part 1 and a whole lot more.

With over thirty years’ experience, ROD RODRIGUES infuses his guitar playing style with prog, metal, fusion, and jazz. Tales Of A Changing Life, Part.1 is a conceptual record celebrating the changes in ROD’s life that have taken place over recent years. The opening narrative sound effects of “D257” is immersive, establishing the setting before soaring guitar leads, intricate melodies, jazz fuelled chords, and groove rhythms emerge. Non-standard time signatures and strong bass throw in a few hints of chaos expanding the mood of the track in different directions. Classical music and soundtracks also feed into ROD RODRIGUES’ work which can be heard through contrapuntal melodies, an array of instrumental tones, and textures combine into a thrilling powerhouse of progressive music. “La Premiѐre Expérience” and “Changing Plans” reveal a darker side with heavier, distorted guitars and thundering bass, while retaining the intricate stylistic melody writing across other instrument parts. Authentic humanity is embodied throughout the music as the composition emulates raw emotion.

Tales Of A Changing Life, Part.1 is a personal odyssey that showcases ROD RODRIGUES’ musical flair and understanding of his instrument. Full of vigor and intensity, the EP brings to life a compelling narrative that resonates with our own lives.

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