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The Metal United Down Under shows are an Australia Wide event put on in part by Michael Leuders and the Metal Roos group with individual organizers and will be held next weekend Saturday September 7th.This year Roly Moore from Sedulous Rouse is hosting the Adelaide MUDU show at the Enigma bar next weekend. Sedulous Rouse are a great band from Adelaide that I have managed to catch live a few times now and they always put on a great show and have an amazing sound and style.I have wanted to have a chat with Roly for awhile now so I recently took the opportunity with MUDU coming up to talk about Sedulous Rouse and the upcoming Metal United Down Under show in Adelaide. (Event Link)Regardless of where you are in Australia next weekend head out and support this amazing event Check out Metal Roos for more shows and info Link Here

Jai Q:First off can we start with your band,who are Sedulous Rouse and how would you describe your sound?
Sedulous Rouse: we are a three piece progressive death/thrash metal band from Adelaide. We started in 2012. Our sound is quite unique in that we play across a raft of genres within what we do. We like to think we are a powerful trio reminiscent of past greats but individual in our own way.

Jai Q:Can you tell me a little about how Sedulous Rouse came about?
Roly;We formed in 2012 when original drummer and Dani and I got together and started jamming. Brendan joined on Bass in October of that year and 8 weeks later we recorded our debut release Seasons Of Triumph. Our first show was in April 2013 with Voros.

Jai Q: So Roly can you tell me when and how you first starting playing guitar?
Roly;I started playing guitar when I was 12 at school. I wanted to be a rock star and was very disappointed when I realised I had to do a lot of practice.

Jai Q:And what was the first musical instrument you bought?
Roly;First instrument I was introduced to was piano at the age of 9. We were lucky enough to have one in the house so that helped. I bought my first guitar when I was 13 for $100.

Jai Q: How did you first get into heavy metal and what was the first album you got?
Roly :My introduction to heavier music was through Guns n Roses, Appetite for Destruction started that all for me. I bought that album and my taste developed from there into the heavier realms.

Jai Q: As a musician who or what has helped inspire and influence you?
Roly :Chuck Schuldiner from Death is a huge influence with his song writing and how he progressed thrpugh his career. Also I think Sonic Youth was a band that taught me that experimenting can create amazing results.

Jai Q:If you had to pick one track you are most proud of with Sedulous Rouse which track would that be and why?
Roly:Enriched by Demons of our second album, The Valley Beyond is my favourite. It was probably the most challenging from both a technical and songwriting perspective. It is ten mins long but really encompasses everything that our band is about and that is probably the template for us as we progress further into our career

Jai Q: So you’ve also been busy organizing the Adelaide Metal United Down Under show can you tell our readers first a little about what metal united is?
Roly; Metal United Down Under is an initiative of Metal Roos founder Michael Michael Leuders. The idea is to unite the metal community through a gig on the same night across as many places in the country as possible. It is into its 5th year and going strongly and we have been involved in all but one year so far which has been great.

Jai Q; The Adelaide MUDU show is at the enigma bar on the 7th of September which is a week from now and has Sedulous Rouse as headliners and I have seen you guys a few times live and you always put on a great show can we go through the other bands you have got on the bill.

Arrows Against Lightning: these guys are a new band and this will be there second show. They play doom metal and will start the night off with a boom!!! Bandcamp link Facebook Link

Across The Maelstrom: played with these guys once before and are maybe the only Industrial metal band in Adelaide. Mostly electronic they are truly unique. Facebook Link

Fragmenta: they describe themselves as Industrial thrash and have been around for about a decade now. Quality songwriting and showmanship are hall marks of what they do. Bandcamp Link Facebook Link

Wings of Thanatos: Excellent progressive death metal. New to the live arena but have been releasing music over the past couple of years. These guys are a quality act and will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people are exposed to their music. Bandcamp Link Facebook Link

Jai Q;So what else have you and the almighty Sedulous Rouse got planned at this stage going into the rest of 2019?
Roly;Well we have a new song coming out really soon called Ontogenesis of Violence. It is really going to show people what we are capable of with our line up that now includes Paul Murphy on drums and vocals. We are also working very hard on all our new material as we look to record our third album
Thanks for your time Jai and for supporting the underground.

Sedulous Rouse Bandcamp Link Facebook Link

Metal United Down Under 2019 Enigma Bar Adelaide EVENT LINK

Sedulous Rouse are Paul – Drums and vocals
Brendan – Bass and vocals
Roly – Guitars and Vocals


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