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I recently caught up with Jeff Murray and Jim McCloskey from Sea Of Snakes for a really great chat about all things Sea Of Snakes, check out some cool vinyl, and the debut Ep” World On Fire” due out worldwide tomorrow through Metal Assault Records.

Room for one more at the heavy metal inn? When it comes to the seasoned veterans that make up Sea of Snakes, an exception must be made. The Californians’ trade is in fuzzed-out stompers with in-your-face grit, and it’s with great pleasure that they release their début EP World On Fire – an apt name considering current planetary circumstances.

On this EP there are five scorchers drawing from a melting pot of influences that include Corrosion of Conformity, Motörhead, The Doors, Metal Church, and Down. As you can imagine, the result is a potent concoction of thundering rhythm and squealing guitars, with Tracy Steiger’s snarling voice leading the way on “Son of Man.” The guitars do allow for some melody, however – ripping solos are par for the course in “Let the Fire Burn” and “Ride the Line“, and a brooding Neurosis-Esque line haunts the intro of “Fear Behind the Stare“. And then there’s the closer, “Drink Your Teeth“, which borders on sludge metal with a filthy riff and crackling screams that ramp up the intensity as the song progresses. In short, if heavy metal and blacklight posters float your boat, then Sea of Snakes are absolutely the ones for you. So crack open a beer, crank the speakers and let these Californians riff their way to metal paradise.

Sea of Snakes are:

Jeff Murray – drums

Mick Coffman – bass

Jim McCloskey.- guitar

Tracy Steiger – vocals

Metal Assault Records-

Sea Of Snakes-Links……


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