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I caught up with Joseph Izayea again this time to talk about metalcore band Seeking Sirens and the debut EP release “Departing Ways” due out worldwide on June 3, 2022.

Departing Ways is the formidable debut EP from the metalcore quintet, SEEKING SIRENS. Conveying the realization of one’s own power and the struggle to define themselves in a world of declining human morality, the release delivers a hard-hitting and emotional impact.

Joseph Izayea had this to say: “I’m incorrigibly gratified to announce the upcoming release of the very first SEEKING SIRENS EP: Departing Ways, which will hit most digital platforms on Friday, June 3rd, 2022. This record realizes the long-awaited collaboration between myself and my long-time friend Kevin Wilson, whom I’m proud to say has brought out some of my best work yet! After dropping two singles ahead of this release, my hunger to have this record see the light of day has been palpable! I hope you all find the EP worth the wait!

The band formed after a long-awaited collaboration between lead guitarist and recording engineer Kevin Wilson (FEAR THE UNITED, VANISHER) with Joseph Izayea, (FROM UNDER CONCRETE KINGS, SOUR TIMES, CITY OF HOMES). Pairing up during the pandemic, the duo recorded a 5 track EP including two advanced singles released in 2021. SEEKING SIRENS completed their line-up with Dave Sustain, Matt Lavocado & Chris Kilcup to take the project beyond the studio. Departing Ways demonstrates the group’s ability to couple massive guitars and vocals with intense ferocity and dark lyrical context. The title track opens the record with a dark atmosphere created through dissonance and energetic rhythms, while the epic anthemic chorus soars with emotional clean vocals. “Surface” unveils another side to their sound combining a ballad style with technical guitars and progressive elements. Thundering guitars manifest in “Splinter” bringing dynamic groove rhythms into the mix, before “Grip” goes one step further with a literally explosive breakdown. Departing Ways concludes with a poignant fusion of the dark and the light as “Living Truth” explores the heavy with compelling chord progressions. Fiery intensity balances with eloquently designed melodies to produce a convictive listening experience. Departing Ways is a staggering introduction into SEEKING SIRENS’ distinctive compositional style striving to showcase the multi-faceted aspects of their music.

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