Crannk Interviews Shockin’Head

Shockin’Head are a metal band out of Italy who play a no nonsense style of old school heavy metal.The debut album from Shockin’Head “Xxmiles” has just recently been released and Jai that Aussie Metal Guy got the chance to have a quick chat with the bands Guitarist.

Jai:Thank you for making the time to do this for myself and Crannk, I really
appreciate it.

Hi!!I m Zac band’s axe man

Q: First off Can you tell us a little about Shockin’Head

A: First of all we were friends the band was born thanks to this strong
friendship and the strong passion of heavy metal,then the magic happened

Q:Who are SH?

A: S’H are:
Daniele Sedda :Vocal
Zac Vanders : Guitar
Black Ale : Bass
Salvatore Digiovanni : Drum

Q:Where are you guys from?

A: Ventimiglia/Sanremo (IM) ITALY

Q: And how did Shockin’Head form?

A: We knew each other from Barbone in rock,bar in Ventimiglia, a bar where a lot of musicians come to drink some beer and talk about music…

Q: What are some of the influences you feel have helped shape and inspire
the sound of Shockin’Head?

A: We grew up with Pantera,Metallica,Iron Maiden music,and that
involuntarily influenced us both in the sound land and in the construction of the songs,but i think that we are very original

Q: Your album Xxmiles has just recently been released can we talk about the process of making the album.

A: All Songs are born from our complicity,and that feeling was born immediately when we started to play together,and in 1 year we composed and recorded 8 songs..

Q: Where did you record the album?

A: We record it at Slem studios (Ventimiglia)

Q: And who produced, mixed and mastered the album?

A: We produced ourself,mixed by myself and Rotox of Slem
studio,mastered at Ithil studio(Imperia) by Giovanni‘Maniak’Nebbia

Q: If you had to pick one track off the new album which you feel really
captures the vibe and feel of Shockin’Head which track would it be and

A: I think that the song that more captures our vibe is Falling In Reverse,is the one which is our brand,it reflects our sweet and wild souls in the lyrics and
in the music,we also made an official Video that you can find on

Q: What else have Shockin’Head got planned at this stage of 2019?

A: S’H hopes that this year and in the future that our music like so much,that our fans will buy a lot of our disc, and we can play
in a lot of live shows somewhere…also in Australia!!!

Thank you again,Kind Regards Jai Anderson Crannk

Thanks so much to you man…!!!


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