Crannk Interviews Silenoz, Guitarist for Dimmu Borgir & Insidious Disease

Sonically inducing a depraved and morbid condition of the mind, Insidious Disease has returned to present their second full-length album, and I recently caught up with Silenoz to talk about the latest brutal slab of death metal mastery from Insidious Disease “After Death” due out worldwide tomorrow October 30th through Nuclear Blast Records.

After Death carries with it philosophical concepts that can be found weaved throughout the lyrical content of the entire album; conspiracy theories, perception of reality and existence, the dread of disease, and the inescapable nature of death are just some of the ideas touched upon. These intriguing bits of subject matter are intelligent fuel for the band and their writing: “if someone who reads this lyrical content begins to think or wonder about these things, for me that is another bonus,” describes Silenoz. Although topics of morbidity are fairly common in the realm of death metal, the members of Insidious Disease take a deeper step into their interpretations of these concepts through their violent, electrically-charged melodies.

Songs like ‘Soul Excavation’ (also released on Nuclear Blast’s 2019 Death… Is Just The Beginning compilation), are highly representative of the album as a whole. Authoritative and straightforward riffs vibrate heavily with destructive, compound vocals. The technicality of the drumming and the precision of the guitar flow seamlessly with one another creating a massive, catchy groove. The lyrics characterize the struggles of PTSD, and the hardships of returning home from war a different person.

Invisible War’ drops in with a sheer sonic countdown to the explosions of battle. A consistent, rough, and weighty beat leads way to breaths of fresh guitar and blended vocals. Obvious themes of combat and the questionable nature of the origins of war are inserted between thundering, fluid compositions. The album concludes monstrously with a track entitled ‘Secret Sorcery’, again demonstrating the band’s ability to breathe life into complex and metaphysical concepts. Starting out with a slower tempo, a very great amount of tension builds in the short time before the eruption of speedy guitar work and frighteningly powerful vocals.

The writing process for After Death started almost immediately after the first album cycle. Song development is a group effort involving input from each of its experienced musicians. The lyrics were written in a very old-school rhyming pattern that will adhere well with fans of classic, discernable, death metal. Recorded by the band themselves in Silenoz’s home studio, they then employed Russ Russell (DIMMU BORGIR, NAPALM DEATH, AT THE GATES) for the mixing and mastering. While crisp, clean, and well-produced, the album maintains a gritty element of robust and dominating sound. After Death is a modern death metal powerhouse of an album that will awaken your old school instincts to forage for more.

Marc Grewe – Vocals
Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir) – Guitar
Cyrus (Susperia) – Guitar
Shane Embury (Napalm Death) – Bass
Tony Laureano (Devil’s Highway) – Drums

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