Crannk Interviews Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Patrick Nehoda of Nehoda

Patrick Nehoda is a rocking chameleon — his guitar playing shifts effortlessly from mean riffing on opener “I Don’t Know” and “Afterglow,” through the Doors-esque blues of “Devil’s Bitch,” the alt-rock catchiness perfected by Dinosaur Jr. on “Shakey Pop, to the tender melodies that form “Please Don’t Go.” The last of these tracks, which rounds out the record, recalls Radiohead’s classic “True Love Waits” in its simplicity yet devastating effect. Drummer Jeremy Gill and bassist Grayson Papa balance their respective roles perfectly. Gill knows when to let loose on his kit and when to leave it understated, while Papa lays down a solid foundation on which the melodies are constructed. Patrick had been playing as a solo artist for eight years before this band’s current incarnation, but it wasn’t until he teamed up with Gill and Papa that the music truly found its voice.” *from Press Release

After playing as a solo artist for several years Patrick Nehoda has finally found his musical partners in Rock”N” Roll crime with drummer Jeremy Gill and bassist Grayson Papa now evolving from solo artist to “Nehoda” the band and have released their amazing debut album “But Anyways” today October 2nd. This album for me was a really great listen, very powerful an album that manages to weave masterful songwriting and storytelling with music that showcases influences from Grunge, to blues to Americana and rock and roll. I caught up with Patrick Nehoda for a great chat about going from solo artist to having a committed band with Nehoda, Recording, and Production, the beautiful and moving track “Please Don’t Go” dedicated to his Mum, reworking the tracks “Devil’s Bitch” “Shakey Pop” and “I Don’t Know”, and a whole heap more.

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Details about the appeal we talked about below

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DONATION LINKS: Venmo: FireFightNashville – donations are being collected thru Oct. 1st. Facebook/charissan – donations are being collected thru Oct. 31st. Red Cross: You can donate to any local Red Cross in the surrounding areas affected by these fires. For Medford and surrounding areas:… Bear Lake for Seniors: Bear Lake Estates has set up a relief fund to help their residents that lost their homes. The entire community of 210 homes is now gone.…/almeda-d…… GoFundMe Wildfire Relief (for all areas):… California Fire Foundation – (disaster relief programs)…/… For Animals and Wildlife Relief – Provides resources for all regions affected for housing livestock, horses, and all pets either displaced our found around these fires. Donations can be made to help with this effort at:… *taken from the facebook page


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