Crannk Interviews-The Bloody Hell -Ian Kean

I recently caught up with Ian Kean vocalist for Halifax Punk Rockers The Bloody Hell to talk about their latest release “Nobody Cares“, influences, Canadian punk bands, and a whole lot more.

The Bloody Hell has gotten dirtier and more polished at the same time, with the band infecting fans with their pop-cultural hooks and concepts, while the guitars keep getting louder and the vocals becoming uglier. The Bloody Hell is pretty much what would happen if George Thorogood sang for the Misfits, but all the songs were written by Tom Petty. Super catchy horror rock songs about drinking and heartache are played at punk rock speed with a lineup that features vocalist/guitarist Ian Kean (guitar, vocals), guitarist and pianist James Densley also known from Bubbles and The Shit Rockers, the band fronted by the character Bubbles from the hit TV show The Trailer Park Boys, drummer Kyle Cantfell (Elektric Mistress), and bassist Joe Woods (Root Cellar).

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