Crannk Interviews Vesicarum

Hailing out of Kent, UK, and what initially started as a solo project for vocalist Glynn quickly turned into the visceral five-piece death metal bringers of extreme Vesicarum.

Vesicarum is set to unleash their debut”Reign Of Terror” on May 22nd, a five-track EP loaded with brutal blast beats,blood-drenched lyrics, and riffs to wreck your neck by. This Ep sounds like what Cannibal Corpse and Entombed would sound like if they were in a slasher movie together and the finale is Vesicarum ready to feast on the flesh. I caught up with Glynn, Donal, Martin, and James to discuss their debut Ep Reign Of Terror, the first single “The Sick And The Depraved“, how the band formed and evolved from a solo project, and all things Vesicarum. Check it out and then go Crannk up some VesicarumđŸ¤˜

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Vesicarum are Glynn Neve – Vocals

Martin Shipton – Guitar

James Thompson – Guitar

Orla Blue Reed – Bass

Donal Mc Gee – Drums

Vesicarum Bandcamp

Vesicarum Facebook

Vesicarum Webpage

Vesicarum Youtube…


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