Crannk Interviews Votov

Hailing out of the unforgiving prairie wastelands of Winnipeg, Manitoba is the unholy death metal trinity, VOTOV consisting of Guitarist/Vocalist Chuck Labossiere (Immortal Possession, Psychotic Gardening, ex-Eyam, ex-Serrated Scalpel), Bassist John Duke(Immortal Possession, Psychotic Gardening), and Drummer Derrick Kroll ( Expired Utopia, Immortal Possession, ex-Dyrewolf, ex-Eyam, ex-Necrogenesis, ex-Alphakill, ex-Evil Survives, ex-Wreck-Defy (live), ex-Noire), Votov also recently released their highly anticipated visceral second album I.X.X.I through CDN Records August 14th.

I caught up with VOTOV to discuss the latest album, playing live, support, beginnings, and revisting, reworking and re recording music from Immortal Possession and when roughly to expect a new album from that project and all things VOTOV \m/

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VOTOV Bandcamp


CDN Records


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