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We Burn Bridges are a great Post/Hardcore band based out of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The latest Ep from We Burn Bridges “Head Prison” is due to drop on the 17th of May.This is a band with an awesome sound melodic and heavy and also has a great message to their music,especially in the track against drunken violence One Punch.Recently Ben and Jack took some time out to answer some questions,where we talk about the upcoming Ep Head Prison, the first three singles off the Ep Coward,One Punch and Self Drought and a few other things in between.Take the time check it out and then go Crannk up We Burn Bridges\m/

Darwin based powerhouse We Burn Bridges thank you so much for making the time to do this for Crannk and myself Jai, “That Aussie Metal Guy”, I really appreciate it.

Jai Q: First off can you tell us a little about yourselves, who are We Burn Bridges and how did you form?

*Ben* Thank you so much for having us! It’s a real pleasure to be able to do this. We are a post-hardcore band from Darwin, NT. The band formed in the later years of high school through a few friends and has evolved over the years.

Jai Q; How would you describe the sound of the band?

*Ben* The band has always prided itself on having a lot of energy in our live shows so when writing, we try to take that aspect into the heavy parts while still trying to keep a good sense of melody throughout the songs.

Jai Q;When and how did you get into playing music?

*Ben* For myself personally, my parents are musicians so from a very young age I have been immersed in music so I had a very natural progression into doing my own thing once I got a bit older.

Jai Q; How did you get into heavy metal?

*Ben* My cousin actually showed me a Slipknot cd when I was really young and I loved it but when i took my Mum to the CD store and she listened in store, she said “nope. There’s no chance I’m buying that for you”. To be fair though, I would’ve been maybe 7 years old haha.So I didn’t get into heavy music until I found bands like System of a Down, Disturbed and Killswitch in like 09′, and I haven’t stopped listening ever since. ¬†

Jai Q; What are some of the influences you feel have helped and inspire you a musician/s?

*Ben* Dependent on what I’m working on at the time, I always try to draw influence from stuff that isn’t related directly to the genre so it gives me a fresh perspective. I can’t speak for all the boys but a few bands that we all have drawn inspiration from would be Beartooth, Wage War and Fit for a King to name a few!

Jai Q;Can we go through three of the singles you guys have out at the moment and what they are about and what they mean to you? first being Coward.

*Jack* Coward is about bettering yourself and having people that for some reason don’t agree or don’t like the person you’re becoming so they put you down or turn away from you. It’s crazy how people can react so negatively to someone making positive changes in their life. I think it’s usually out of jealousy or even guilt which is pretty cowardly in my opinion.

Jai Q;And the track One Punch with a really great social message against drunken violence?

*Jack* One punch is definitely directed at the violence that is throughout Australia and surrounding drinking culture. There is never an excuse for violence no matter how intoxicated you are. We will never tolerate violence at our shows and we will always keep an eye out to stop stupid behaviour before it happens.

Jai Q;The latest track Self Drought is a really great track and clip and is from your forthcoming EP ‘Head Prison’ can you tell us about that track and what that means to you?

*Jack* Thank you man! Self drought is all about struggles with addiction. Not necessarily with  just drugs or alcohol but behaviours that are just very unhealthy and harmful to your mental and physical state. I think everyone can relate in one way or another to that feeling of not being able to break free. I hope this song can help people realise that or help them actually break free of those things holding them back.

Jai Q;How did you approach the song writing and song creation on the forthcoming EP ‘Head Prison’?

*Ben* Most of the songs start with me just messing about with ideas on my computer and I’ll bring that to the boys and we’ll work on it until we’re all vibing it! Do some re-writing once the vocals start being demo’ed and just a lot of back and forth until everyones happy.

Jai Q;When can we expect ‘Head Prison’ to drop and what have We Burn Bridges got planned at this stage going into the rest of 2019?

*Jack* ‘Head Prison’ comes out on May 17th and we’ve got a few shows lined up in Darwin and hopefully working on some interstate stuff for later in the year to follow up the release!

We’ve already got a lot of new material on the way as well so gonna keep grinding on that.

We Burn Bridges thank you so much for taking the time for Crannk, myself and our readers, really appreciate it. We look forward to your latest release ‘Head Prison’ \m/

Thank you so much for having us guys!! Our pleasure.

We Burn Bridges Are
Jack Ryan – Vocals
Ben Masters – Guitar/Vocals
Alisdair Mahoney – Guitar
Manolis Kamitsis – Bass
Luke Kohler – Drums

We Burn Bridges brand new EP ‘Head Prison’ will be released on Friday May 17 and can be pre-ordered now at iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets.

We Burn Bridges FacebookBandcamp

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