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I caught up again with Greg Schwan to discuss the latest release from Witnesses “The Holy Water” EP, themes, influences, and songwriting.

Voyaging into new realms, The Holy Water EP from WITNESSES embraces doom metal to divine a sound with a ghostly vastness. The EP depicts the characters Lucy Westenra and Mina Harker, of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, from different perspectives.” The Holy Water EP was something that came about unexpectedly. I wrote “Borgo Pass” late last year as an experiment. I liked the result and felt the song needed a complement, so “Cloistered in Purfleet” was born shortly thereafter. On this release, the atmosphere is up and the pace is down, and I’m tapping into some different influences this time around.

WITNESSES is the cross-genre project of multi-instrumentalist Greg Schwan. Following the cinematic release IV, The Holy Water EP sees long-time collaborator Gabbi Coenen venture into the metal side of the project. Entranced into the music through emotive vocals, heavily distorted guitars, and a blood-chilling atmosphere, WITNESSES’ iconic compositional style brings the Gothic narrative to life. “Borgo Pass” delivers intensity with a dramatic feel, while “Cloistered in Purfleet” carries a quality that is soft and sweet, alongside its dark underbelly. Concluding with a fleeting acoustic guitar-driven piece, “The Ballad of Lucy and Mina” is a beautiful performance of intricate melodies. It’s a delicate and minimalist track, and yet encompasses such fierce energy. Become immersed in the haunting expanse of soundscapes. With a creeping pace, the release conveys the instrumental layers and lyrics further into focus, entwining the barbaric and the sublime.


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