Crannk Presents An Interview with Pallbearer- Brett Campbell

With Doom metal titans Pallbearer recently releasing their 5th album “Mind Burns Alive” on May 17th Jim & Jai caught up with Brett Campbell to talk all about the latest album.

Mind Burns Alive finds PALLBEARER navigating the space between disquiet and serenity with a singular intensity. At times poetic and blistering, their fifth full length is a heartfelt meditation on isolation, trauma, and mental breakdown, framed by the possibility of redemption and the quiet, aching beauty of escape. Musically and lyrically stripped bare and vulnerable, Mind Burns Alive deals in universal themes of loneliness and the feeling of emotionally drowning in a world turning upside down. Bassist/vocalist Joseph D. Rowland describes the album as “an exploration of fate; when you are deceived by your own instincts and internal voice.” The album opens with the deceptive restraint of ‘Where The Light Fades,’ a sparse, melodic echo anchored to the mournful tenor of vocalist/guitarist Brett Campbell. Hazy reverb-laden guitars wind against Campbell’s vocals; typically soaring, here cowed and shaken before building to a spine-tingling crescendo of emotional release. “These songs are a deeper exploration of dynamics and sonic color than anything we have done up to this point,” explains Campbell. While the band’s earlier catalog leaned on walls of guitar, massive distortion, and piercing vocals, they achieve more on Mind Burns Alive by stripping everything back. “I’m of the belief that true heaviness comes from emotional weight, and sometimes sheer bludgeoning isn’t the right approach to getting a feeling across,” Campbell adds.


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