CRANNK reports from the festival Metallsvenskan

ThePepsRocker got the opportunity to visit Örebro and Metallsvenskan last week.

I landed in Örebro and Metallsvenskan around 16:30 with bright sun and almost 27 degrees. Just then, it was not very crowded inside the area. First band out was the band Convict and they did not start until about half an hour, so I slipped around the area a little and talked a little with Jimmie, manager for Incarnit, until it was time.

Convict: Almost on the stroke of 17 o’clock Convict started on NEMIS (NEMIS = New Music in Sweden)-stage. The band comes from outside Kumla Örebro and plays classic heavy metal with quite a lot of influences of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Felt like the singer is heavily inspired by Bruce Dickinson in his younger days, pants and socks appear to come right from the Powerslave tour! Thought that the band did a good gig, and it was pretty good groove! Classic heavy metal the way I like it. Can become a band to keep an eye on in the future.


Incarnit: 17:25 it was time to saunter off to the small stage where Incarnit went on. A band that I burn a little extra for. First of all, these were the men I had to do my first live interview ever with, and secondly because their manager Jimmie have helped me with a lot of other things. And I like the their music, of course!

I felt very curious about how it should sound live, it was a while ago Incarnit played live, and then they have also changed the bass player, for which it also premieres with the band.

They start with a tough intro, then they played the songs “By the grace of the dead”, “I am chaos” and “Howl”. Not in that order, but it does not matter.

It sounded good and it was hard to stand still. The guys are tight and gives everything on stage. Unfortunately, the band suffer from that they only have 20 minutes on stage, which is terrible little, and only have time to run only three songs. But it leaves you wanting more and I’ll keep an eye out for the next gig!


Evil Conspiracy: Right after Incarnit I draw to NEMIS – stage again, it is time for the Evil Conspiracy. I thought I recognized the name, and when I see their backdrop, I realize that I have actually listened to some of their debut-album Prime Evil and thought it was absolutely fine music.

To describe Evil Conspiracy one might say, power metal and more splashing and some thrash. Thought it looked a little uncertain in the beginning, but it broke. When they then drove off songs “Prime Evil” and “Rule The Ruins”, well then, it was a fucking move! Good gig, got me to go home and listen to the album again.

Evil Conspiracy

Browsing collection: There is no break and no rest, so it’s just to go to the small stage again now it’s time for today’s positive surprise! It’s Browsing Collection, a girl band from Skövde which plays swinging greasy hard rock with some punk attitude. I had never heard the girls before, and I was a bit puzzled when they sound-checked, but my prejudice was blowing straight in shame after the first verse! Really great music, great voice and a lovely attitude. This I will like to see more of!


The Kristet Utseende: What can you say about The Kristet Utseende? Have tried to listen to them on Spotify before, but I have not really been able to enjoy it. Above all, I have struggled very hard with the singing. I can’t say that I became a hardcore fan after the gig, but it was much better live. Also, just using toilet brushes as drumsticks provide an extra thumb up!


Knogjärn (= brace knuckles): Back to the small stage and takes place to see tonight’s best band and best show! Knogjärn (just like Incarnit, from Karlstad) starts. And how they started! Tonight’s best energy according to me. We were treated to “Sprickor i fasaden”, “När du ljuger”, “Fly för ditt liv”, “En av oss”, “Bitar av glas” (? I think it’s called, it was a brand new song) and “Knogjärn “. Really heavy performance!


Dr. Living Dead: The energy then continues on NEMIS scene with Dr. Living Dead and their 90s thrash. I get vibes of everything from Slayer, Kreater and Suicidal Tendencies, which suits me perfectly. I realized that I have heard these gentlemen before, and then also thought it was really good. Unfortunately, it will be a somewhat monotonous after a four-five songs, but it probably depends not so much on the band, but how I perceive genre. But it’s a fiendishly strong show.


Steelwing. That’s the name of the band that has the ungrateful task of following up the Knogjärn and Dr. Living Dead shows. I do not know, but this does not work at all for me. Old-school heavy metal, which does not sound so damn good, and I do not know, I was a bit bothered on the attitude of the members. But maybe they were just a bit nervous? No, I took a hot dog instead.


Danko Jones: needs no further introduction. Gruesomely experienced and rarely puts on a bad show. It does not happen today either, even though it might not really want to pick up the pace on the first songs. But then it takes off with “First Date” (I think it’s called) and then it’s full speed into the goal. Extra plus for that he took the time to pay tribute to all the musicians who unfortunately left us the last time.


Unfortunately, it was all I had time for. The festival continued two more days, but sometimes there is not enough time for everything. But I want to give a big thanks to Jimmie and Incarnit who got me into the festival and let me hang out with them during the night! It was a really good day!

\m/ Peps

p.s Why not take the time to read my interviews with Incarnit and Knogjärn?


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